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Absolutely all PC hardware, pc games, pc stuff, pc ..., pc ..., sport as football lacrosse hockey, Most types of girls, cooking, Chinese food, sea food, FUN
Washing dishes :)
Just for Fun (Goalkeeper) Only Friends And For Money
Wery smart, clever(in maths, not biology) person, a bit strange, maybe a part from Unstudied or extraterrestrial man

P.S Yes I write it with "W"
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Hosstor gave the Leicester City v Sevilla video a rating of 5
1 year ago
5 years ago
I think, it was 6 2 and Torres
Most people speak Rus but can you express yourself in Eng please...
7 years ago
Lol man, i`m under my desk )))
What happened with the video? I wish Green wont be upset coming games...
I didn`t see other moments days, but this photos really suck (
Wery good game Ghana curiously I saw this match from a café, it was really raining outside. But, perfectly made penalty, good referee s work and many yellow ca...
Somewhere on FootyTube
It was a very good game, i wish there`ll be more games like thin evere WC ENGLAND! ! ! I`ll be on finals with you! ! !
Important only a result, man, only a result!
8 years ago
HELL!!! This was a s**t game. a s**t hour and a s**t weather! Chelsea you are the best man,you are the best. It was nice to be in Manchester and watch this gam...
THere was Hilario on the goal. Henrique sucks, the best chelsea sub goalkeeper was C. Cudicini
Keep it UP ! ! ! I was in a bar and it was awesome!!! PLEASE TO ALL THE CHELSEA FANS, VOTE FOR ASHLEY COLE GOAL OF THE WEEK!! THANKS
What r u writing it for? if u r s**t do not say u r not s**t, reeding is a "pour" team from surroundings of London, there` no stars, no N-millions people. So t...
I always knew that Sturrdge is very good player, I even play FIFA10 "be a pro" mode with sturridge :) Happy new year all!
Wery good match, Totteham has brilliant performance. But not given penalty...
It Was FUNNY. Great Match
Kuszczak was the best in MU (just my opinion). He was making excellent saves. Instead, deffence was crap. Duff, Chelsea ll remember you...
It was maybe the best extra time match in this season. CHELSEA forever.
Agreed... The force is strong in this one!
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