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Man City Next! With Eriksen Hurt... What do you do. Skill against skill? Or do you go Physical vs Speed? Lamela Townsend Paulinho with two up top in Soldado ...
HonoluluSpurs just Watched
HonoluluSpurs just Watched
Great game by WestHam. To me it seemed like bad defending from our fullbacks, (not to take away the 3 goal route; which was a great show of faith and force by t...
HonoluluSpurs just Watched
HonoluluSpurs just Watched
This is a good argument.
HonoluluSpurs just Watched
You know defoe is at 6 goals in 3 starts this season. If they dont get defoe at least 35 mins vs chealsea it would be a crime.
323 people voted Tottenham: Lucky. Just saying 23 shots. Also for people who forget to mention holtby and sandro on their list of scary players, (when he get...
Dont forget Holtby and Townsend.. dear lord... lol :D
I dont want to drop logic. But China is the most exploited country in the history of the world. We just arent taught Asian History. Hong Kong is much the same. ...
1 last thing, hudd cut your hair. who cares if you score at this point. be more aerodynamic for sakes you just look slow lol.
5 years ago
Lol, everyone is on Dempsey's dick now. I have always liked him, though hes no Modric and hes in his 30's. Hes still gonna be our VDV for the next 2-3 seasons. ...
^ this above is like cartoon comic in the paper with the respective fans.
Funny, our top attackers were our defenders. lol gg overall. 2 Brain Farts 2 goals. looking more like tottenham, haha.
Stats say it all, gg. But better teams will defend better, that last goal blew my mind how open he was despite being surrounded by 6-7 players. It looked like a...
You can re-register following end of jan winder. its in my football manger 2013 update so im assuming its real . LMFAO
No body panic! UEFA will just fine them 40,000 Euros... oh noe! lol
Karma for the hate crimes Tottenham fans recieve everytime weve played lyon so far... lol
That save by lloris at 92+ was so clutch!
Barcelona suprise bid for English Winger Aaraon Lennon! You all heard it here first!
Lol wow defending the faith take it easy bro. You had how many shots? Dude it doesnt matter if your "player" got the block or the deflect. Its the movement in p...
Lol clint, are you shitting me. I guess we are capable of getting lucky. lol
Damn, Sunderland is such a tough game. Definetely one of the few games I have to go in thinking we will get at least a draw but there are always suprises...
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