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5 years ago
What an insult to one of the greatest premier league goals ever scored. "Bergkamp move" ??? He got a lucky bounce and a lucky deflected shot...
Unless City win by 5 goals we will always be voted as 'lucky'. Fair play to Southampton, what a bloody game, they were great. A little bit of shaky defending ...
What? You clearly outplayed us? Before you scored that goal, we were totally dominating you. Chelsea forwards could not get the ball let alone keep it. You sc...
Thorpower I would rather have Balotelli in my squad getting 2 reds a year. Than anyone one or two of your strikers, or any other striker in this league beside...
6 years ago
You were torn apart time and time again. Italy scored but it was incorrectly ruled offside. You have a amazing goalkeeper and that was a good goal, but most ...
By that time, China will have caught up too!
City has got its groove back. Good to see the pinball like passing is back, slicing defenses to bits. Yaya is just an absolute beast, 3-4 players marking him?...
He makes a great save every now and then, but you have to agree, he has ZERO presence in goal. Hes a good shot stopper but can't deal with anything coming thro...
Because they didn't want the game clashing with Champions League timetable.
No it was for the attempted tackle on Aguero from behind. When he was breaking into space Rolando attempted a tackle from behind, you can see the ref motion to...
Hulk worth 50 million? The only thing he did was beat Richards twice. He spent the rest of the game throwing himself to the floor, every time he ran at our def...
Looks like we are getting our swagger back. The influence Yaya has on our team is incredible. Two amazing performances from City which will give us the impetu...
He got sent off for his attempted tackle on Aguero from behind, the intent was there, he just missed the ref signaled play on and booked him after the goal.
For someone called Hunk he spends a lot of time throwing himself to the floor whining to the referee.
How many times has your club been embarrassed and totally outplayed this season?
@Shwing Yup, Balo is dirty alright (I do think that was a stupid, useless and dirty kick out), and your racist Suarez and woman beating Andy Carroll are stand...
Cause you know he would put 2 past you on Wednesday. Only way you can beat us, is if we are loosing our best players. Liverpool, only raising their game for t...
Manchester City lucky? Spur Awesome? Every single tight game City win is because they are lucky right? When United do it, its because they are pilling on pressu...
LOL hospital for a little scratch? Was there even any blood?
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