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4 years ago
Lol, the game ended 4-2, not 4-1....
LOL! It actually WAS a very witty comment from Donchino. He clearly has the ability to come up with witty comments.
"Do you believe in luck?" "Yes, I believe in Luck... And the harder I work, the luckier I get."
6 years ago
You also have to ask yourself where would Milan be without Ibra...
My last name is El-Shaarawy :D too bad I like Inter hahaha
It's funny because you are already assuming Real Madrid will win the league for sure. If Barca win the league, the SuperCopa will be between Barca and Athletic ...
12 against 11 as usual because the Real Madrid players always commit fouls that warrant yellow and red cards lol. Simple as that.
That was one of the most amazing saves I've ever seen in my life, if not THE most amazing one in it's category!
You really don't think Barcelona and Madrid wouldn't be topping any league in the world right now?
What a retarded and racist comment from you Reventon. Shame on you.
He can't... But he's still a better player :) Plus, he can do a lot of stuff that Ronaldo isn't capable of, such as... Performing in big matches? :D
Fun fact: The last time a team outside of Barca and Madrid won La Liga (Valencia) was the last time a team outside of Manchester United and Chelsea won the EPL ...
You mean save of the season!
I don't know many people that say Ronaldo is a bad player, or even that he isn't a great player. Most people just don't view him as being the best player in the...
Hahaha haters gonna hate! How the hell were Barcelona rubbish? Because they didn't score? They played a great game, Varas was just better.
4. Be the best in the history of the sport.
Supporting Barcelona? hahaha you've got it wrong, 10 years ago, it was Manchester and Arsenal in England, Juve and Milan in Italy and Real Madrid, Valencia and ...
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