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He wasn't playing much with Marseille. QPR put him out there. He knew what he was doing.
5 years ago
Villareal really should get their stuff together. All they had to do was draw :(
6 years ago
Hahaha. Wow. Mick "McCarthy" isn't managing QPR...or is? How dare you Ruskin, now you have me doubting my own sanity.
Adebayor has been good this season...so far. He might not be scoring but he's bring his teammates into play, keeping defenders on their toes and he IS scoring. ...
Rule of thumb: if you have to tell people something is funny...chances are it isn't.
Messi is unstoppable at times. I'd hate to be that guy. I see you number 10.
Haha I know. Its like he was playing against himself out there.
Are Tottenham actually going to be second? Oh my :)
Man Shitty? Seriously?!
Arsenal's problem was them thinking they couldn't do it without Fabregas and Nasri. Only heaven knows what's going on Chelsea's locker rooms. I just hope Boas d...
I agree. He really should be shooting instead of trying to go past people sometimes.
Somewhere on FootyTube
You can't blame him for not wanting a wage cut. And Spurs should understand that they are playing with the bigboys now so maybe its time to start splurging.
I agree with FayJay. I think Adebayor has some presence in midfield whereas Defoe plays higher up and mostly runs on to balls. I know they've got Bale and Lenno...
Perfect timing. I know it was offside but I still want to nominate it for Goal of the Week.
Sweet +2 for Adebayor. Nice to see Spurs not conceding. I'd hate to see the goal difference hurt them at the end of the season.
Somewhere on FootyTube
I don't think City are going to just up and sell him. The last thing City want is Tevez playing for a rival team. He's a top player and I get the feeling they'...
I think its unfair to say Real Madrid and Barcelona are running La Liga. Credit where credit is due they're simply exceptional teams and I count myself lucky to...
"I give it back to you 'cause you played really well. Share it with the boys". Aww moment. Being Arsenal's team captain as well as lone striker up front, Van Pe...
I guess it is true what they say, people love to see other people fail.
Spurs need a high profile striker. The scare-value alone would keep a lot of teams on their toes....and be a bit more defensive
7 years ago
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