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The symptoms are there, No money has been spent, no preseason no complaints just goes on with the job and gets the most of what he has. for show when he spends ...
Win % in all Competitions 18/19 Guardiola 82.6% Solskjaer 82.35% Allegri 80.55% Tuchel 80.48% Niko Kovac 71.42% Valverde 66.6% Pochettino 65.9% Sarri 65.2% Klo...
I love the theory that Solskjaer was wearing a bib over his jacket to show his players that he could come on himself if they needed him. Ha Ha Ha!
2 weeks ago
The look on Di Maria's face! priceless!
He rejected united, the club tried to get him, which had became a trend under a certain Portuguese. most players were not interested in coming to united.
4 weeks ago
I must say building up to this game the vultures had been circling around smelling blood some had even began to grow teeth, but Ole and the bandwagon rock on. t...
2 months ago
@Vaaz I simply listed players that Jose bought. You agree with me that pep turned potential into something better and impressive. name any player that Jose boug...
4 months ago
Wrong post
Tell me how perisic would have had us dethroning city, if we substitute him for rashford, morata for lukaku, maguire and godin. you would have seen the same iss...
Mkhitarian, sanchez, pogba, lukaku, lindelof, fred, matic, zlatan, Eric Bailly, Lee Grant, Diogo Dalot. all these were players that jose requested. Godin rejec...
You can buy players, but if you don't have the right manager it will still fail. we cannot attribute our current state to one trans-fare window. Our manager had...
We roll with the real thing not what should have or could have been. expected goals don't win you games. De Gea is our keeper if he made great saves great for u...
I remember our game against spurs this season where we battered them but lost. Except for united supporters. I don't remember people saying spurs did not dese...
That's how you rob n old lady.
@GotIbra(AC Milan) Interesting, well, I'm confused, I don't remember praising anyone nor postulating any celebratory remarks. I merely stated the fact that ins...
5 months ago
The most telling aspect of this result is that in the second half he abandoned defense and let the horses run free. They seemed to play with freedom in the send...
There's no chemistry at all in this team, the mood is toxic. moral is low,every player he signed is or has declined, it would be irresponsible of any sane ceo t...
Make no mistake, CR7 is not a man for big moments, he is The Big Moment.
9 months ago
What the F#### was that?
1 year ago
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