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Since that injury incident involving Radja Nainggolan. I'm not so sure I would want him anywhere near carrington. especially considering our injury record in th...
2 weeks ago
Veratti would be a magnificent addition however I don't see PSG letting him go.
Well out of curiosity I checked out the trailer above and there he was Eric Cantona. I'm suddenly interested.
1 month ago
Things fall apart http://www.goal.com/en/news/10/italy/2014/07/15/4961405/breaking-news-antonio-conte-resigns?ICID=HP_BN_1
8 months ago
Contrary to what others may have been saying concerning fletcher's ability to perform against buyern munich. I must say He was great. his ability to use the bal...
11 months ago
"We don't see ourselves as underdogs. We see ourselves as Manchester United playing at home in the Champions League, so we're looking forward to it." – Ryan ...
1 year ago
I hear Paulinho unhappy unhappy at Spurs. if there was a player I would like to see in our jersey from spurs its him or Erikson. what do you think lads.
To sacrifice your time and money as well as fail to show up for a date just to watch manchester united play is in my blood. even if we lose I will still go back...
To add on what prophet said. Ronaldo has taken a lot of bruising to his ego because of messi and each time he lost to messi he came back stronger. I don't know ...
Who is Pellegrini??
I loved you from the first moment I saw you chased and kicked about by grown man. Football = Love. To all my united brothers and sisters. Have a lovely day.
Victor Anichebe 87' last night. How did it feel.
If Salah has signed then I believe mata is as good as gone. He's in the bag lets pop bottles lads. I hope chelsea's pain becomes our champagne.
Just trying to mess ur mind a bit. its been a grueling transfer period for us just like in the summer. I'm even wondering what line up to expect tonight and whe...
The transfer rumors are getting us nowhere. Here is something for MATHEMATICIAN FRIENDS. You saw a T-shirt of £97, since you don't have cash you borrow £50 f...
At united we don't retire numbers, if that was the case we may have ended up without most of the numbers from one to 11, considering the legends that have been ...
I say retire Giggs and give januzaj the Legendary number 11.
I didn't see anything. only saw him celebrate
All hail Cleverley! All haill Cleverley! All hail Cleverley!
He's been here for almost half a year, he may not have seen more game time in the first team but he trains at Manchester united and plays regularly for the unde...
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