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What are you talking about?
Who cares bro
Unfair, the Foul really could have been waved off as shoulder to shoulder. The free kick was unfortunate, Varane isn't known for making big mistakes. If we're...
1 day ago
Is Maradona injured? :Please It was a fairly even game imo overall, both sides I think are disappointed. Barca more so because of HOW it happened rather than w...
Madrid was definitely not playing like this with Benitez. We have the players, sure, but manager makes a huge difference. By that logic it's not Enrique's fault...
Agreed. I'm very pleased with Varane today, right place right time.
There's no "right way" of playing, get off your high horse. Like prince said, if it works it works!
At a certain point it stops being coincidental. Ramos HAS that special something, I hate him at times but God I love him! Get in!!!
I don't think you can attribute so much success to luck at this point. But hey, it works! I thought the first half madrid should have been leading, Iniesta cha...
Mariano would benefit from some minutes in La Liga with Bale and Morata out injured.
3 days ago
Ancelotti won't win you the league but when it comes to cups, he's a great choice. I still kind of miss him :/ Realistically, he won't manage Barca though :P
I went wild watching that game, one of the craziest 2 legged series I've ever seen. I just hope Giovinco is okay for the final.
Sporting held us to a draw last season. They somehow play good against big teams, we should give credit to them too. I think the midfield was off balanced, Mod...
1 week ago
I heard they are made out of recycled water bottles. The sponsor is hard to see but they look great otherwise!
Most people don't like that, although personally I'd be pretty happy winning every game by 2 or 3 and concede a few every game. Zidane likes defensive stability...
It's extremely frustrating (and expected) to see Atletico players foul in groups every single time one of our midfielders skips past a few players. Isco, Modric...
2 weeks ago
Lineup! Navas Carvajal-Varane-Nacho-Marcelo Kovacic-Modric-Isco Lucas-Ronaldo-Bale Interestingly we can also play a 4-4-2 with this, with Bale and Ronaldo upf...
Liberal reform? Where did liberal reform take America with respects to Obama? Liberal reform from Hillary means supporting a bloody coup in Honduras, the effec...
3 weeks ago
I don't mean to overreact but... our season is over.
That's Mourinho in a nutshell. The focus will always be on him. At times, it's good because when the team underperformed he takes all the headlines. Other time ...
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