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We thrashed Villareal a couple of weeks ago. City are a decent team since they beat PSG pretty well, but they were toothless against us. No game plan. Made for ...
19 minutes ago
That was hilarious, I thought he was getting booked but offside saved him.
1 hour ago
Kroos has played really well ever since Casemiro took the DM role. In an urelated note, this guy is never injured. One of the most efficient players in Madrid. ...
10 hours ago
It's alright Leicester City is winning the CL next season.
18 hours ago
Pep tries to impose his style of game away from home which isn't so wise in the champions league facing such good opposition. Bayern have the players to counter...
21 hours ago
+5 against Atletico is annoying so many Barca fans. You lot just played them and were talking about their time wasting soooo...
We tend to beat them when it comes to Europe but man will these guys be fired up! I sort of (a tiny bit) feel bad that they might not win a CL. That would be a ...
We need to get past City first but its nice to see the confidence you guys have in us! :D
23 hours ago
2 days ago
Lucas has been more clinical than Jese, who is slowly easing himself back into things. I think Ronaldo will play as striker with Bale and Lucas like Pejvl said....
I remember a few of the fans on here saying we will lose La Liga because of draws, not losses. We have the least losses in the league right now but the differen...
3 days ago
I must have checked the site a million times haha. Bale is carrying us recently, I can say I'm glad he proved me wrong from when he was playing under Benitez. T...
I'm not sure if us increasing our pitch size was ever confirmed, anyone got a link? We have the biggest pitch in Europe in terms of width I believe so I don't s...
6 days ago
The system also has to be looked at. We're playing a 4-3-3 and Zidane won't risk James playing in the 3 man midfield of Kroos, Modric, and Casemiro who are all ...
1 week ago
City is slowly building their way up in the CL. With Pep coming next year and some changes, I can see you guys being in the semis regularly. This tie ain't ove...
Big props to our defense today, I haven't seen such a solid game in a while (only saw the second half). Offensively I won't blame the team too much, we should h...
What makes a team "the best?" Winning right? In this case it's the CL so the winner usually has a shout at being the best. Chelsea won through sheer luck, Barc...
I think a lot of credit has to go to our solid midfield and defense, you don't see that too often. LOL @MSNforce, try to stay on topic next time.
Punisher is amazing, stole the show from season 2. I didn't like Fisk much either @Tanmay, I hope it doesn't go back to him being the main villian in season 3.
Your page is silent the moment Barca started losing. Where did all of your fans go?
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