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Franky, is diving really like taking things into your own hand though? I think you mean exaggerating contact. Diving would mean you are trying to buy a foul whe...
21 hours ago
Technology to check if a player is offside or if the ball went in is one thing, but to have a robot know what's a foul and when someone's diving is far-fetched....
Sanchez, read my post and tell me.how it wasn't in a fun nature?
3 days ago
Hikmat changed his status
Hikmat Papaboom
LOL it was a dig at Madrid and I replied with what I thought was a sarcastic/humorous response. Idk why you think I'm trolling, Sanchez. On a serious note, foo...
Crosses must be the best tactic ever then, it's the only thing we're good at and has us at the top of the table!
I think you're being unfair. We were at the San Mames and came out defensive, nothing wrong with that. Score off counters and Madrid fans complain score normall...
I think if we win our next 5 games in the CL we will probably win it. Never certain though.
4 days ago
Zidane made some decisions that seemed weird but worked out nicely. Credit where it's due. Defensively we were good, Casemiro and Nacho stood out to me. Offens...
We've had tough group stages for years. And draws are...wait for it...wait for it....luck! If you wanna play detective and go around connecting dots and making...
5 days ago
I thought they warmed up the balls? What happened? They forgot to rig it again? Yet we're still fraudulent pretenders lmao grow up
So y'all get called out on your bullshit theories and it's all jokes? Aye aye good to know. 4ever why do you even post anywhere? Apart for conspiracy theories...
1 week ago
Sanchez, you love contradicting yourself lol. Down below you said every team gets good and bad decisions so let's agree on that. That, I totally agree with. 100...
I was referring to Malik who said we can't even comprehend all the plotting that went into not sending off navas. Vaaz is a united fan and you know very well I'...
I keep asking this and none of you give me a response. Why are refs favouring us? Are they being paid? By whom? How? If you're gonna talk about or hint to consp...
Hey Franky, why are there barely any Madrid fans here and a horde of Barca fans on the Madrid forum? The Barca fans on this site are some of the worst I've ever...
Ah, a thread with a hundred Barca fans arguing with a United fan. @barca fans y'all look pathetic going around defending God knows what. It's over, and soke p...
Lol idk how u can claim that was a penalty Franky, it is softer than Charmin ultra soft. Suarez should have seen a second yellow card for another disgusting di...
I have a feeling it will be Koeman, Barca likes going for older players.
2 weeks ago
Credit to Danilo who was amazing. Benzema has also been good for a few games now, and James looks like he's out to prove a point. Same with Asensio, Zidane's li...
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