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The La Masia genertion with Messi Puyol Xavi Iniesta etc will never happen again. To have that many players be the best at what they do come at the SAME time is...
5 hours ago
Is it that hard to understand that maybe some players on your team dive as well? I'm not contesting most of the ones in the video, because the referee got them ...
Messi's celebration isn't the greatest Clasico moment lol. It was nice but in the end, worthless. Even Messi's hattrick as a teenager is more iconic. Or Ronaldi...
2 days ago
That's not a dive lol. Ban is a bit harsh seeing as how players in other leagues get 3-4 games, Higuain comes to mind. He has no one to blame but himself. Had ...
When did claiming a penalty incorrectly constitute a yellow, that's irrelevant. It was not a foul but Ronaldo thought it was, it doesn't mean he dived. There wa...
I hope it's as exciting. Only problem is that usually entails s**t reffing on both sides :/
Oh sock it ffs.
The shirt was stupid but I never thought it would come back to haunt him lmao. Do you guys really think that was a dive? Not a penalty for me, but calling for a...
A good strike is still a good strike, a goal nonetheless. I don't think Barca dominated at all, all I saw was crosses being headed out by Ramos. Barca controlle...
3 days ago
Great performance overall. Bale needs to be better and I won't blame Kroos too much, Modric was missing. Isco and Kovacic really stood out, what a first half p...
FFP has gone to s**t, PSG has really pissed me off. If the wage thing is true, than good riddance. Real Madrid has a pretty rigid wage structure. You don't lik...
5 days ago
I think that's unfair. Until their goal, yes, they were outplayed. After the goal they really did come out and had us on the back foot for a while. I think Fell...
1 week ago
If Neymar moved to Madrid I would think it would be just as good, if not a step up :P I for one am happy the saga is over, it felt like the entire footballing ...
Why can't they both be frauds? I have no respect for any rich person keeping a few extra millions for themselves, it's unfathomable to me. Ronaldo if convicte...
2 weeks ago
Why do u even waste your time responding to dumb posts, Franky?
A.. a..Atleast Ronaldo never fake retired cuz he lost! Ha!
Lol no , that would be Neymar. 160M is a lot but in this market, it seems about right. Monaco didn't need the money (including his transfer they are at 300M+ f...
3 weeks ago
I feel bad for Carvajal, he always gets into highlight reels of wingers putting him in a blender. I think FIFA 17 ruined penalties in real life too, that was ...
Mbappe is very close to being done for 160M euros with a possible 20 M more in add-ons. With Morata gone, His transfer looks perfect. Ronaldo is also going to...
PSG have found a pretty good way of bypassing FIFA's totally useless rules. A Qatari company will pay Neymar directly, who will activate his own release clause...
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