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Malik, I'm sorry if I've ever come across rude and unwelcoming, I don't mind Barca fans at all. I only pointed it out a while ago when our entire page (like it ...
1 day ago
Zidane had the balls to sub Ronaldo a few times, he needs to do the same with his team selection. 4-3-3 feels safe, but with CAMs like Isco and James we need to...
2 days ago
I'm explaining the rules to you. It was a red, which is a one game ban. Neymar's case is different because the referee noted IN his report, that he clapped. Wh...
I've been waiting for ages for answers, the conspiracy theories and bs posts on this site never stop.
Thanks for sharing, I'm surprised YouTube doesn't take them down but I'm not complaining :P
Obvious red and dangerous tackle. I'm not sure there's even an argument lol, don't listen to trolls that say he didn't make contact.
DaGaza, it's no use with some of these guys. I like most of the fans here but when you guys sit back and watch conspiracy theories being spewed out, historicall...
It was offtopic. You know very well he was talking about the in-game red card, not about the ban. If you're irking to bring it up, don't be shy Sanchez, we're p...
Hikmat updated their profile
3 days ago
I do think there's something wrong, but it's with La Liga's rules. I'm not a big fan of La Liga anything, refs, tech, management, etc you know that lol. Askin...
As president, he's not the one deciding bans or anything haha. He's never hidden his support for Madrid. @Hari, he also just said Messi is the greatest football...
I did ask in the Barca page about that, still no response. Just the typical (historically incorrect) Franco comments from Malik.
They look at the referees report, which noted it was violebt and excessive, hence the 1 match ban like all red cards in La Liga. Neymar's was for sarcastically ...
He's expressing his disappointment about the stupid red card, I thought that was pretty clear from his post, no? If you're hinting at the Neymar ban, Ramos was...
We really should have put the game away much sooner. We had more chances and the better chances, unfortunate result. Thanks Sif. Just heard about Zlatans injur...
5 days ago
Stop being mean to my son. -Hikmat's mom. Lighten up MSNforce
"p.s. watch out we are Barcelona we didn't give up" You're all lying if you think that's not hilarious lol
Sanchez, I was laughing at MSNforce's comment which sounded a bit silly. Congrats on the win.
Talk about unfortunate. I'd be lying if I said I'm not deeply disappointed. I think Zidane got a few things wrong but the blame also lands on the players. Ramos...
It was a clear foul and should have been called, but being so early the referee opted not to give it. For what it's worth, Casmeiro should be off and Madrid h...
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