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Lmao that made my day, Blackstyle!
1 week ago
Real Madrid barely won during the first 15 years of Franco's regime, why wait so long to start favouring a team so heavily? Bernabeu and Franco shared similar ...
To add on, VIP seats across all of Spanish football were given to government men. All club presidents were also installed by Franco himself, Bernabeu included. ...
2 weeks ago
This is like those Afghan situations where they insist on the other person going first. "Here you take the lead." "No, no, you take it." "I insist." :P Sevill...
Oh man...imagine if we didn't keep drawing winnable games. The lead we would have over Barca would put us in a great position. So disappointed.
I will miss today's game but I hope we can get a very convincing win. We have 4 draws in a row in all competitions, the players (and fans) need a convincing win...
Is something wrong with our physios? Recent seasons have been so annoying! Either that, or Modric simply wasn't getting enough rest.
Lucas Silva and Llorente are options. Also, Kovacic has played well there when deployed although it might be disastrous against someone like Barcelona.
4 weeks ago
Good game, much better second half than the first. I know we aren't playing our best football, although it's important we don't peak too soon. At this point, I'...
1 month ago
Manzikitch must be a new academy player, never heard of him. Props to Juve for putting faith in their youngsters in that case!
I actually like the ball movement in PES, it's not as easy as Fifa. Defending on PES also requires some skill, unlike FIFA.
It was +4. We scored literally at 93:55 I believe. And then he blew it, lol.
Oh my. A close call but what a finish to the game. Morata and Lucas really made the difference, good changes from Zidane. It should never have been that close,...
That turn was insane, I remember seeing it in live time and wondering what he did. Still can't quite figure out how on earth he did that.
Thanks for the reminder Malik, we almost got TOO happy!
"Chases the ball like a dog" lmao that's what every player is doing, @Mar123 Casemiro wins the ball back and has good distribution. He protects the mistake pro...
I have to disagree. Like, big time. Casemiro provides cover for our defense, that's a fact. His interceptions aren't because he loses the ball, you can look u...
You lot will do anything to make it seem like Ronaldo did nothing last year. lmao get over yourself and try to see past your hate for Ronaldo. He played a big r...
Imagine being a construction worker and being put out of work for 3 months.
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