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I think Zizou wanted to experiment a bit but you're right, a bit sloppy. Ronaldo does not look like Ronaldo at all. How good was Varane though? So calm on the ...
1 day ago
Right now, no. Madrid has lost a bit of vital depth and I'm not sure where the goals are going to come from. But with a fit starting 11 and the best midfield i...
3 days ago
What's with Pique and handballs this season? I remember the one in the Supercup off the corner, lol. He got a yellow for that. Then there was the one vs Juven...
5 days ago
Crazy s**t but I had my phone stolen :( I'll have a new number in a few weeks maybe. I'm not sure if I'm still in the chat but if I'm not, that's why :P
2 weeks ago
Hey, long time no talk bro. My number is
I noticed it too, he could have guaranteed a few goals for us. The positive I see is that he's full of confidence and the fans back him, with the right decisio...
3 weeks ago
Terrible news for Carvajal, the reports Say 6 weeks but it could really be much worse. I hope he's healthy soon, a heart problem for such a talented footballer ...
Damn Bavaria, you've got receipts!
I'm just annoyed because I was literally giddy with excitement. I guess this is how some teams feel when they miss out on players.
Both of you made some interesting points. Cavani's performances on the big stage have let him down and he's had a bad reputation follow him around for a while. ...
A lot of other players are averaging a goal a game or more in the past few seasons but they are overshadowed by Messi and Ronaldo. Comparing the stats of some o...
He's had a run of good games recently. The problem with him is mentality. He has the skillset to be amazing but doesn't believe he can be amazing. Once the fans...
I still think he will come here. Sooner or later, but one day he will be a Madrid player. :'(
Ahhh there's the classic Franky. Madrid goggles? I've tried to be objective as much as I can. I call our Madrid players diving, cheating, bad calls, etc. I lov...
Hey guys. Christensen looks pretty good, what do you guys expect his minutes to look like in the PL?
Deflected off Navas. Good try though. Does anyone even try to be objective anymore? Had that been Pique, Franky would write a 2 page essay arguing why it was ...
Are you quoting me? I've never said Ronaldo doesn't dive. If you're not quoting me then you're wasting your time. What does a random fan have to do with what ...
4 weeks ago
Thank you.^ We made a bad choice (for the time being) but it's done. I'm happy for Morata but it doesn't mean I hate Benzema, I mean can you blame.him for bei...
Ahhhh, you have your own "Arsenal" fan lol Ronaldo does dive and has dived in his career, but this angle is really deceiving. The player moves backwards while ...
1 month ago
Ceballos :)
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