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I used Napoli in FIFA 15 seasons cuz of this guy and their attack. He was a beast! Haven't seen him play however and Fifa doesn't always match up to reality xD
1 day ago
@Malik, "Just piss off?" It's a genuine idea bro, relax lol. Players have tried it before, sometimes they end up leaving (Ozil) and other times it works (Ramos)...
Morata was not at same level as Sandro, who has barely featured. However, you guys should have sold him with a buy-back clause or put in a clause to get a % of ...
Real* I think you might regret that in a few seasons, he has it in him to be one of the best. I just think he needs regular game time to maintain fitness along...
2 days ago
Bilbao used to be really good in the 1980s and did well really early on too, due to the 3 foreign players rule. In Spain it seems like there were a few teams th...
City's core is old and lazy, they need a lot of new energy in the team. United has no core haha. I think City is the better team but not by far.
You're kidding me. Not again, a fit Ronaldo causes every team tons of problems. Varane probably wasn't going to start but I was expecting him on the bench, this...
Ozil thrived in the days of Alonso, who would be the link between defense and offense. Really helps when counter attacking with pace.
6 days ago
Respect, MesQuUnClub. Much more realistic and reasonable opinion. I don't get it. You just won the League and are in the Copa final but are complaining about t...
Wasn't it because we won the European Cup the first five times in a row? Second edition Barca was second. The first placed team, Atletico got invited along wit...
1 week ago
LOL indeed. If you're gonna revoke those first 5, might as well revoke every trophy won until the new system, when it actually became the UEFA Champions League ...
I'm not sure what the big deal is. Players support different teams and it's not uncommon to play for their rivals later on in your career. If it helps at all,...
You can't just yell "BUTTHURT" in every argument mate. No one is even talking to you directly, I was directing my comment to Franky. If you are only gonna reply...
Buying back for 30M like Fabregas? That's still spending big mate. 150M in the last 3 years seems off to me. Neymar, Suarez, Vermaelen, Mathieu, Rakitic, Dougl...
Mathieu and Vermaelen magically popped up out of no where? My point is yes, you can have a good academy but you will also spend big to be successful. I agree wi...
Http://www.newstalk.com/Andres-Iniestas-bried-alliegance-to-Real-Madrid "He was white as a bottle of milk, that's no illusion on his pigmentation, he was just ...
Obviously he's not going to say "Yeah I was a massive Barca fan a few years ago" when he's playing for their rivals. Which player wouldn't want to play for Barc...
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