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Think he was a really great player for his age at 15 when he became famous, but now it seems like the rest of the footballers caught up. His clips seem okay, bu...
2 days ago
Hey St1or apologies for the late reply, I don't check my wall very often. Thanks for the reply, makes a lot more sense in terms of those percentages they have w...
3 days ago
Thanks for the kind words Hikmat,it makes it a lot easier for me when I know I got my Madridista brothers behind me :)
Could be but would not be. Most of those players flopped, and although Messi was just as bad in the knockout stages, the group stages needed his goals for Argen...
With Khedira most likely leaving, I'd love it if we got Casemiro back at the end of the season instead of another loan. He has been doing well from what I hear ...
Congratulations Pejvl. You're the perfect guy for the job, cool headed, calm, and hopefully you bring some order to the rivalry on this website. Cheers.
I agree with Jeroen in the sense better players will come, for sure. The game has changed a lot, really difficult to compare different eras however. Players rec...
6 days ago
Mr Clean? Don't worry about him now, Varane has tamed him.
1 week ago
I'll take that centre mid role. With Tharius behind me forget defending.
WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW . WoW, does feel nice.
Smh, that's my brother asking. I saw the game live, like they say, know your friends well but known your enemy better. :P
Bring on any team, we got this, right guys? I want to see us face Chelsea sometime later, maybe semis or finals. But in current form I don't mind a tough team, ...
Didn't see the game yet but sounds like a tough game we got all three points out of. How was Illaramendi? He has been great recently, wondering if it's more tha...
Anyone got extended highlight for barca game
This might be my Arsenal admiration kicking in but I would not want Arsenal. For some odd reason they are playing really well in Europe, and with a fit squad th...
Hey bud The way the percentages are decided is that when 2 teams can't play each other, the odds of another team being matched with one of those teams increase...
You know your love is real when you rush through an exam to catch a CL Group stage game when you've already qualified.
No I think he just forgot to put them on the list. We're most likely to draw Schalke or Leverkusen, but it being a draw any team could be drawn. Really want to ...
Barcelona and Madrid are both most likely to draw either Schalke or Leverkusen, with very similar odds. Here are the chances of drawing every team, anyone know ...
Debut goal for Medran, he's oozing confidence atm. Speaking of confidence, what did Carlo do to Illara?! This guy is playing like all the pressure in the world ...
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