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September 15th 2009. I hardly ever post, but I probably come and read the forums at least 5-6 times a day.
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5 years ago
So out of all the united players, who do you enjoy watching score a goal the most and why? For me it's Cleverly. In my opinion he is an extremely hard worker f...
Based on this season it's more like Rafael, into Evans........ AND EVRA HAS WON IT!!!!
That "kid" should be very fortunate that Hazard got to him first before Ashley Cole got the chance to shoot him or John Terry got the chance to shag him :)
Hezza: dnt be smart ass. if u dnt like what you dnt bother reading it and f**k off. mind ur own business and be quite. This man utd forum which also means I can...
I just ate dinner and then watched television. Bro, this isn't Facebook. No need to update us all with what you're up to.
^^ yes that one
At least when Rooney did it there was actually a goal keeper in the goal! All zlatan had was an empty net to aim at.
de gea rafael----rio-----evens------butner ------cleverly------fletcher----- --nani----rooney-----kagawa--- -----------rvp-----------
I think Rafael and jones are our best crossers.
I think you are an idiot
Today I was looking to buy a car on trade me (the New Zealand equivalent of eBay). I saw a really great car in fantastic condition for a reasonable price that I...
6 years ago
Merry Christmas fellow Manchester United fans. Have an awesome day. And for those who have to wait until tomorrow. Shame
I get up at 4am every week to watch united play. Then start work a 9. And it is totally worth it :)
I can't see why you would ever burn anything with the united crest on it. Just saying...
I've never watched a europa league game in my life. I guess that will have to change now
I can't believe i actually understood that.
Because when they were first formed they wore "all black" apart from the silver fern (national emblem) printed on their jersey.
Man that first one was easy! Got 10 out of ten. The second was a bit harder. Only managed to get 6
I lost 96% of my respect for Downing when he moved to Liverpool. After today's match I had now lost 100% respect for him. What a pathetic excuse for a player wi...
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