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2 coolz for you mate!
6 years ago
What a crock! i can most definitely support more than 2 national teams. Citizens of multiple countries have this luxury.
@Goons so you guys ready to call walcott a disappointment yet?
Money can't buy titles... so you see barca winning la liga this year?
Tim howard's the best keeper in the EPL, but doesn't get the recognition for it.
None of the big stars? what about gomez, ozil, khedira, kroos, or boateng? all four get regular time in the first XI.
I think they wing backs are inadequate as well. alves and abidal bring an attack up the flanks that the national team just doesn't have...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Everyone should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves, "has my team ever spent more than 20m on a single transfer?"
A good back four does not let in damn near 30 goals in 11 games.
Dear Kolo Toure, I hope you are match fit. Sincerely, Me
Really weak ref'ing... really weird jersey from howard... loved kuyt ducking on carroll's goal...
Love to see johnson and kolarov in the lineup. dear footytube: can we get squad lists and subs on the page, too?
Http://china.chelseafc.com/ british football clubs are trying to break the asian markets.
Why did alba get sent off?
He did keep them outta relegation a few seasons ago...
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
How does this have anything to do with class? Suarez didn't spit anyone's face, intentionally hurt anybody, or say anything offensive. I find Materazzi and de J...
He just said they weren't 100%.
No, i agree. hip to hand is a tough one to avoid. he did try to move his hand out of the way, too.
Luck is a four letter word sometimes. unfortunate to see us not finish the numerous chances we had. johnson looked great, as always. i think bent might actually...
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