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Thanks Pevjl! And yeah I did Tharius :p What a finish by Ronaldo!
3 days ago
So I was in Madrid the past weekend and took the Bernabeu tour. And I still can't believe how amazing it was! :P One of my biggest dreams came true. Too bad tha...
Here is Ikers point of view to his benching and people calling him a traitor and a mole. It has two pages. http://m.goal.com/s/en/news/5163061/
2 weeks ago
I respect your opinions too and in a way I understand how you see it but can't seem to get you to see it my way :P
3 weeks ago
You guys have apparently never played a competitive match between the sticks :/ Im just gonna say I disagree and leave it at that.
@LastGraspWinner I agree with you. But my point was that people are trying hard to find something to complain about even if he plays well. Many think he was our...
Lol everytime I see a topic of Iker I get surprised how some people want to discredit him in the most silly ways. If Navas played like Iker did yesterday Im sur...
Anyone else think Iker was great yesterday? :)
Buffon smokes too ;)
And while it is true that a keeper must organize his defence, there is only so much he can do with the time that he is given. Come on guys, our whole team colla...
1 month ago
Iker was good in most of the games he played last season. Don`t know what you have been watching.
How do you know how much he commands the defence? It`s not like you can hear it.
Lol at people saying Iker played badly. He couldn't do anything about the goals. Really hard to understand where all the hate is coming from.
LMAO blame Iker.
^lol what?
2 months ago
You would have to pay us 60 mil just to take Anderson lol xD
I agree 100% with you guys!
I think Hikmat is right. For some reason some of us want to see only negative things about Iker and that is weird.
I understand. But don't you think Lopez was forced out to make room for Navas rather than Iker?
Oops wrong post*
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