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Real Madrid and especially Iker Casillas!
Diving and arrogant players
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^This. Iker never complained. Thank you DaGaza :)
6 hours ago
I don't know who will start and who will leave but IMO Iker isn't in a crisis. He played very well for us last season.
16 hours ago
^What condition?
18 hours ago
Thanks mate! :) And tbh there isn't many like him. He is very quick for such a big guy and he has a very good shot. Not many young players make it out of Finlan...
1 week ago
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Nice with the info on Madrid signing Eero Markkanen. Question: are there many Finns like him? And I repeat my comment I posted on your wall from one year ago....
^JJK. And yeah, it feels weird lol :p
Our Castilla has signed finnish striker Eero Markkanen. Can't believe it because few years back we were playing in the same team O_o. It is an honor to know the...
WTF my friend Eero Markkanen is linked with Real Madrid! He would sign for Castilla and play under Zidane. Can't find an english link but I'll try to find one l...
3 weeks ago
No offense, but I just find it a bit funny that you seem to be more interested in Real Madrid than the club you support. There might be a little madridista in y...
1 month ago
You love us don't you? :P
^U must be sweating lol.
Http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/jun/24/jordi-alba-spain-clash-journalist-world-cup-2014 What did I just read? O_o
Lol why does he bite people? :D I mean who reacts that way when you get pissed
Hope not :/
Not sure if you are serious or not :/
If he keeps being the best player in the world for us I don't really have a reason to worry.
I wasn't blaming Xavi or Pique. Just saying that blaming Iker for the loss isn't fair. He screwed up the fourth goal and thats it. IMO Iker was very clearly fo...
He judged his jump well enough and would have claimed the ball if RVP wouldn't have fouled him. If you didn't see that it's because you apparently choose not to...
If you are saying that Casillas wasn't clearly fouled on the third goal then I really have to doubt are you even being serious or just trying to piss off people...
One of the most biased comments I have ever seen.
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