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I was there too in November :p
19 hours ago
Vamos Benzema!
6 days ago
But as I'm a bit of a gooner too, third place is even better :P
1 week ago
All right sorry about that the commentator said that they will go to fourth with the win today and I assumed he knows what he is talking about :/
At least momentarily.
They are DaGaza :P
TBH I don't see anything wrong with Neymars comment if thats what Pedmar meant. Of course he prefers his friend and team mate. But SanchezAlexis it is also funn...
Nice to see Silva start!
And tbh Iker has had a decent season imo. You can disagree if u want to but pls don't speak as if your opinions are the truth.
I don't find English hard at all. But if you don't know if he even said that why do you make such a fuss about it before checking? Looks like you just wanted to...
You just criticized him based on something that he never even said. And then you wonder why I think you try to make him look bad xD
You mean the joke Tharius made? I mean you took that seriously? :D
And where did he say that? Dude you are obsessed about making him look bad. We got a clean sheet. Isn't that enough?
Dude, are you doing these posts about Iker just to make me mad? :p
2 weeks ago
Yeah everyone can have a bad day except Iker right? xD
I don't think it is wrong to criticize a player. But continuously trying to find fault in one player and in everything he does isn't fair.
Anyone who has played a single competitive game in goal understands how difficult it is to make a save if you don't see the ball and when you finally do it take...
Lmao you just hate him don't you?
I liked Lass so much :/
Well Pedmar said that Ikers poor keeping lead to the disastrous showing from our team. Which is so unfair.
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