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I totally agree Pevjl. It wasn't his fault.
2 days ago
@Tanmay Lol.
So, if Iker doesn't publicly deny the rumors and state that he is happy even on the bench that means he is raising hell inside the locker room? And now when he ...
So Tanmay I ask you again, what makes you think Iker has turned from one of the most humble and respected players to a cynical lier and a bad person? He himself...
^This. Mou had a problem with the squad, not only Iker. Iker was in the spotlight because he was benched, but he didn't complain.
It is also common knowledge that Iker took his benching very professionally (According to his team mates, which I trust more than newspapers). You say that Iker...
3 days ago
I don't understand your logic. Iker says that he wants to stay even if he has a different and a smaller role in the team. How do you come to a conclusion that h...
^What? Lol Iker didn't complain at all when he was benched. Also LMAO at your theories. Only a Barca fan could come up with something like that.
Iker said that he wants to stay even if he becomes the backup keeper and help the club in a different way, for example doing work with the youngsters. He wants ...
Iker isn't going anywhere.
5 days ago
Im pretty sure that Illaramendi is the spanish word for average lol.
6 days ago
^This is very true. I'd just like to see how he does there sometime. Should have made myself a bit more clear. I wasn't saying playing on the right is the reaso...
1 week ago
Yeah I agree.
I want to see Bale play on the left. He is one of the best crossers in the world and that is his natural position IMO. I think his abilities are limited when he...
Not saying that I want Ancelotti to leave, just that IMO Klopp could be a good coach for our squad.
I think our players would suit his style pretty well. Also, our last transition = La Decima.
^How so?
Except for DaGaza it seems. I bet he has a pet unicorn too :O
Didn't say they don't exist ;) Might be just hard to find :P
Might as well search for unicorns lol.
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