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Hayastani havakakan@ es tari saxin pti zarmacni, sksvuma 15 oric haxtanakov Rusastani dem )) Arach Hayastan !!!
7 years ago
Armenia actually has a clear chance to qualify.. 8 points and still 6games to play. 6points we'll surely earn (andorra and macedonia) ireland shouldn't be a tha...
Who are you anyway?? some little kid thinking he's funny?? go get a life boy..
Just like I expected, Armenia surprised Slowakia and still will surprise russia and ireland, and for the optimistic peoplo, who knows, they'll surprise the worl...
You can say whatever you want, but Armenia will surprise solwakia and russia and will win against Ireland.. If they qualify we'll see what kind of level it is.....
I think it's possible to qualify.. Armenia is surprising me :)
They have still big chances to qualify although it will be tough .. they need a minimum of 15 points I guess... Still 8 games to go.. 6 wins or 5wins+1or2draw a...
Not only that 1 miss.. 3 or 4 that actually have to be a goal.. but ok, it happens. They will get better, they're still young...
I don't know but I had the feeling the ref didn't want Armenia to win .. I don't know if you saw that one of the Macedonian players pushed an Armenian player wi...
First of all what's wrong with a few websites?? It was 2-2... Then, what's going on.. I can't understand this. How lucky can Macedonia be, and how unlucky can ...
Armenia really surprised me .. However I expected they'll play good.. Their only problem is, they have difficulty to score and create big chances. I think a win...
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