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Franboy (Franboy) from Charleroi, BELGIUM
I have the footymania since I discovered this site.
My first game I ever saw live was the Manchester Derby (when I was 4) on the 20 March, 1993 at Maine Road. I even saw Peter Reid at half time! CTID
Gerigeorge (Manchester United) from Cebu, Philippines (+63)
I love football.and thats the reason why im here in the first place,ryt,,.well you can check out my tumblr if you wanna know me more.you'll know who i really am.. http://reddevilu ...
Giorgakis (George K) from Glenview, Greece
Baller, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, jugamos!!
GoAnna (Analeise Hunter) Australia
Gooners (Chris Gogarty)
GraymanCFC (Gray-Mandell) from Brookline, United States
Guppi1327 (Peter Park)
HameenMan (Ben Gibble)
I love to play soccer and my favorite team is Liverpool and England for my national team. I lived in Europe for two and a half years.
Ionutz01 (Ionutz Raileanu)
Ipinipi (Azizah Putri)
I'm from Indonesia...n i love Indonesia specially Bali...i love Bali
Izuuu (Izuchukwu) from Ontario, Canada
Jamesearlgreen (James Earl)
JamieOConnor (Jamie O`Connor)
JURICIC (Ivan Juricic) from Zagreb, Croatia
Kingsickhead (Ryan Burrell)
Koolomer (Muhammad Omer) from Khi, Pakistan
About me.... My name is Omer.. i am from Pakistan.. well some other qualities are described below may be you people like that boring,flirty bla bla bla well like to ...
Lee (Lee Smith) from St. Julians, Malta
Co-founder of the site you are on.
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