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This round of CL has been f****n nuts
1 week ago
You guys did so so well. Even as a neutral, those dying minutes were hard to digest. Feel for Buffon, he shouldnt have been sent off. Chin up guys, it was an in...
4 CLs in 11 seasons is really f****n impressive. You sound a littls spoilt.
Yeeee boiiiii
Lmao Vaaz that was savage
3 weeks ago
Play with intensity from the 1st minute, not when you're two goals down. Pathetic. Wtf was Fellaini doing in the starting lineup. We needed goals ffs
1 month ago
Felt really bad for him when it happened. Im glad he didnt go off injured, dunno if Lindelof wouldve gotten as stuck in
F**k yes. Well done boys. Mctominay had a fantastic game, looked beyond his years and Young had Salah all day and of course, Marcus with those clutch finishes. ...
5:30am kickoff for me. Hopefully the boys make it worthwhile. GGMU.
Was rooting for them but Juve got that CL experience. Spurs had a lapse of concentration in that 5 minutes and juventus capitalized. Spurs got lucky with that p...
Was gutted leaving for work being 2 nil down but my gosh that feeling of elation seeing we snatched it at the very end is second to none. Well done.
Think mou can replicate the fluid front 3 from when we had rooney tevez and ronaldo. Would be lethal.
Always have to make signings, regardless of how good the current squad is doing. Look at Madrid this season, back to back CL wins and Zizou trusted those player...
Would be a slap in the face to fans if Mou sets the team up for a draw
Wonder what kind of chance we have of getting Bonucci. Experienced and a winner. Also might be feeling his move to Milan was not wise and their boaard could use...
2 months ago
Since we aren't (supposedly) bolstering our attack this summer, i hope we make some serious attempts to sign quality players for the midfield and defence. I hop...
It would be nice for him to get some personal accolades under his belt for saving our butts time and time again.
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