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Happiness wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Absolutely unbelievable. Talk about poor losers. Madrid take the champions throne (toilet).
6 years ago
If we honestly counted all the fouls against Messi over the course of the first 3 clasicos, we'd see he had many occassions when he might have legitimately fall...
They look like such goodie goodies - and probably really are. More power to them.
7 years ago
I so wish I could see this team in person. I also wish I could observe a week of their training. How is it that this Barca team performs so far beyond any ot...
The young guys (Thiago et al) looking GOOOOD! Bodes well for the future. Barca! Barca! Barca!
Nice to see from goal one to goal four it is celebrated as if the team scored. Yes! yes! yes! and YES!
I didn't like the way Pep reacted after the second Seville goal. Smashing his fist down on the roof of the dugout. That sort of negative reactive display is ...
Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the rules analysis.
Was that a mistake by Pujol to move up an make such a forward tackle? With the greatest of respect, I'm beginning to wonder whether he's starting to become a ...
Wow! highlights look like it was a super exciting game, with some great goalkeeping to keep the scoreline as low as it was. Spain was looking real good, howev...
It works. It really really works. Don't delay. Get your Samba-Robotics video today. Viva Ronaldinho!
If Ronaldo and Kaka stay healthy and really start jelling and scoring for Real Madrid, I gotta agree, they will be pretty awesome. At the same time, say Ibra re...
I was wanting Barca to win, but they lost. S**t happens. Oh well... I agree its all about winning. Whatever tactics are required are valid and correct. I t...
Unless they have an off night, Barca will win Champions League most definitely. El Classico was a solid win of a fairly unmemorable match as neither team had a...
8 years ago
Maybe we could see how fast Theo Walcott really is? I'd like to see Messi the Marvelous Magician run that course.
Yabadabadoooo! Very happy to have Barca advancing. I believe Messi and his teammates will achieve definitive victory against Inter Milan also as they'll be too...
Manchester didn't have that spark in this game. Weak passes going astray way too much. I couldn't believe they appeared to be playing so lackadaisically in a ...
What luck (right place at right time) and darn good goalkeeping by Almunia in first half. Downright unlucky that Barca didn't convert at least one of their hal...
True about Messi (unfortunately) missing that tip over Lehman. If he had scored then it would truely have been a memorial goal in the sense of some sort of car...
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