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They played QPR.
2 days ago
Real essentially traded Di Maria for a s**t ton of cash. We will find out in time if it was a bad choice or not. Luckily regardless of what happens Reus will mo...
1 week ago
It was a dive and it is what is running this sport. If the ref doesn't pick up on it during the game, there should be video replay punishment after the game (Fo...
Removing Kaboul will be a dramatic improvement
HansUpskirt just became a Fan of AS Roma
3 weeks ago
@drde159 I said that is the feature Real will miss the most... ADM is an attacking midfielder hence the reason for mentioning Bale, & James. Isco does track bac...
Di Maria was a hit or miss for me. I think he is a great player and is a proven monster at times but then again, at times his selfishness has lost us games. I b...
Apparently with a wage @ £180000 a week. Who do the Reds think they're buying? Lol
If anything take off Benz for Ronaldo not Kroos... and why sub James when he is playing so well.. Carlo lost this, subs need to make an impact and his choices m...
Bentaleb -> Holtby Lennon -> Townsend
1 month ago
First time picking an English Manager I went with 3-4-3 (Also a first) I shared this as I'm curious what other user's formations are, and which league was favor...
Dreamfooty: English manager English goalie Spanish defender German defender Spanish defender Italian midfielder Spanish midfielder German midfielder English m...
Van Gaal really makes Moyes look like s**t
Pepe, keita, & a water bottle http://youtu.be/_weAzrhU_Pg
I can't see Carlo or Perez letting go Isco.
2 months ago
Aren't you the same person that said we weren't going to win anything last season? JR is not just a world cup wonder kid. He had a great season with Monaco, ...
Why would Isco have to leave to make room for James?
I wonder if his ban will get lifted once he becomes part of UEFAlona?...
If I had any concerns for next season's starting line up, it would be Alonso and Ronaldo. Alonso is getting up there and Ronaldo is/has been playing injured for...
HansUpskirt gave the Colombia v Uruguay video a rating of 1
Spain is still producing the best, they just took the wrong team to Brazil.
7 months ago
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