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3 months ago
Seems to me this all started appearing after Panama Papers were exposed
10 months ago
He's a b2b Mid with some great goals in him. From what I can remember he was just lazy. He was part of the clear out from Poch. Assuming he didn't have the righ...
UCL is and will always be the biggest competition (IMO bigger than WC). This is the tournament that saw CR7 score back to back hat tricks (Offside goals still c...
Big day fellas
11 months ago
Bale injured again http://www.espnfc.us/real-madrid/story/3103348/gareth-bale-karim-benzema-and-cristiano-ronaldo-all-out-of-real-madrid-squad
1 year ago
Vaaz, Bale got beat and let out his frustration by kicking at him from behind. Then acted like a baby and maliciously pushed the guy for responding to his sour ...
He was punched in the stomach
GROUP F Real Madrid Dortmund Sporting CP LegiaLegia
Group E: CSKA Moscow Bayer Leverkusen Spurs AS Monaco Ya got this
A Dab is concentrated THC. When you inhale a "dab" it's very potent and makes you cough. When people cough they put their head into their elbow and raise their ...
I was impressed they got out of the group stages
Cesc assist nobody? I think you need to take another look at Chelsea's forward roaster. Also it should be easy as pie to assit Diego n Pedro, they've been teamm...
Spain left their youth behind in the last World cup and look what happened. You have to be blind if you don't see Isco as Spain's future. He needs the experien...
Didn't see this post before i posted mine... Utter bull s**t
Fabergas & Pedro picked over Isco & Saul??? I bet it would be hard to even find a Barca fan that agrees with this. But hey, Portos worst goalie in 10 years ma...
Franky, if Pep is talking about the grass on a pitch affecting the game after he lost, that is the definition of making excuses for losing lol How are you missi...
I believe it's 21 red cards now. S2, you must be new. Thats a clear 21 times where Ramos sh#t the bed, tonight included. He should have been carded on the chall...
2 years ago
It is 😉
HansUpskirt just became a Fan of AS Roma
3 years ago
HansUpskirt gave the Colombia v Uruguay video a rating of 1
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