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Lamela is everywhere. Killer instinct!
23 hours ago
Varane is such a beast! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBrrpQF0L7s
1 week ago
Maybe he's scared he'll get bit.
Great game to see live, congrats!
2 weeks ago
Probably the reason why he doesn't play for Spurs.
15' As if by magic, there's the first booking! Holtby picks up a deserved yellow for a crunching challenge, and is perhaps lucky it was only that - it was a nas...
@franky Cursing someone is punishable. Its called verbal assault. Stating you were raised in a very cultured manner then stating that insulting someone is f...
3 weeks ago
Flogging a dead horse? Just like you said, the discussion was 20 hours old (not dead in my opinion). Is it flogging a dead horse because I started to make sense...
HansUpskirt @Zilch Do you just delete the post from users you don't agree with? I thought this was a discussion board. I've actually been at work all day ...
Lamela is such a work horse! You can see his determination to prove his worth.
If I called your mother a whore to your face and you do nothing about it, I would feel sorry for your mother. And stop putting words in my mouth, I previously ...
@Franky both those videos you posted are irrelevant. The first is Ronaldo getting clipped then he looks to the ref for a free kick. The second does show Ronaldo...
I dont care that Messi swore at someone in the heat of the moment. It was ridiculous what he did after. Dropping to the ground and begging the ref to red card W...
4 weeks ago
The part that annoys me the most is Messi dropping to the ground like a little ..... If you're going to insult another player, don't be such a wuss when he reac...
Is there a way to see how many people are participating in the league?
1 month ago
Thanks for the info
Are there prizes for dreamfooty?
Where can I download the game from today? Is this possible, would really like to see.
They played QPR.
Real essentially traded Di Maria for a s**t ton of cash. We will find out in time if it was a bad choice or not. Luckily regardless of what happens Reus will mo...
HansUpskirt just became a Fan of AS Roma
HansUpskirt gave the Colombia v Uruguay video a rating of 1
3 months ago
10 months ago
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