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I'm under the impression Lamela is a for sure player for next season and Poch is still trying to decide between Chadli and Townsend.
5 days ago
Who cares what another team does. Diving is Pathetic. Embarrassments to the sport. Make it a harsher punishment. Retroactive bans and players should be fined.
1 week ago
@JRaty You quoted me out of context. I responded to umairrockx, Malik, and SanchezAlexis who were emphasizing that it was Messi driving.
2 weeks ago
@JRaty I hardly think I'm quick to judge, I am just going by what the media is telling me. I came to this board for more information. @Manbearpig I agree 100%...
@SanchezAlexis I am without a doubt ashamed of Pepe's past, or anyone's diving, regardless of the team. I never once said anything about a ban, that was you t...
Also I don't get why anyone would find this funny? If this video is in fact real, it's shameful. If this was a player from a club I support, I'd be embarrassed....
@malik I don't know why you want to discuss Ronaldo, especially seeing as his car is stopped as well as his window is down. Also umairrockx already pointed out...
@St1or you think its fake?
@umairrockx Regardless of who was driving, if Messi was in the car (although he may not have been) he still allowed it to happen. Although standing in the mid...
What do you guys think about this video? https://youtu.be/uvC-3ebnGf4
Beast http://youtu.be/nZkBndDmf1Q
3 weeks ago
Quite nice http://gfycat.com/ParallelFamiliarIndianpalmsquirrel
@hatmundo I get that Ade is lazy and makes more than hes worth but you have no idea whats goes on between Levy and Ade. Firstly, Levy agreed to the terms whe...
1 month ago
Aguero makes stupid money, belongs to a title winning team, gets to play in the Champs league, considered a God by City fans, when he retires he will live on as...
Quite the choking hazard for little Messi
Always prefer Spanish teams to win!
Isco - CR7 - Modric
@Pedmar, I believe the only difference is that possibly a Barca player would be on the ground longer; convincing a different response. But at the end of the day...
It was a plain red, quite obvious to all. I doubt very much that it mattered who the victim was. Just a terrible call by a useless ref.
Could have won with an own goal
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9 months ago
11 months ago
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