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He makes like 100k a week? He would make half that at West Ham and play every game. All he is really doing is sticking to his contract which a lot of other play...
3 hours ago
What does he have left on his contract? You think he'll be used by Poch? He isn't totally useless.
7 hours ago
1 minute late lol Don't be a sheep.... These clubs don't make mistakes.
1 day ago
Pedro is some player. Gonna be glad to see him leave Barca
3 weeks ago
Would you start Dele Alli on Saturday? Just finished watching the Spurs vs Madrid game, what a player and so young! The way he schooled that midfield was shoc...
I don't know how you compare what Di Maria did to that of Modric and Bale. Modric played for 4 season at Spurs before leaving, and when he didn't show up for tr...
4 weeks ago
..........Navas Carvajal Pepe Ramos Marcelo .......Kroos Modric ..........Isco .....James.......CR7 ..........Benz Push CR as a striker and swap big Benz for ...
1 month ago
Joking or not it was still cheeky for her to state a comment like that. She could have easily just said it is inevitable that they would cross paths, instead sh...
No more Dreamfooty?
Why would Rafa's wife talk smack anyways? She didn't even make sense. It's not like Jose didn't have any success with Madrid and the mess he left behind won the...
I also prefer Isco or James over Ozil but calling him predictable is blasphemy. Cjayzz... Ronaldo scores the majority of Madrid's goals with or without Ozil o...
Ozil predictable? What are you smoking?
Https://twitter.com/SocialRMadrid/status/625667440693915648?s=09 Hope to see more of these from James
Probably just the humidity in China
The fee is understandable but that still doesn't take away from the fact that United got one hell of a deal! I hope he does well for them.
Everythings is coming up Ronaldo haha https://sports.vice.com/en_us/highlight/heroic-ronaldo-finds-womans-lost-phone-returns-it-and-parties-with-her/?utm_sourc...
Schneiderlin is a beast!
2 months ago
^53 goals conceded while having the best EPL goalie in net. Might be the 7th but it will only be the 3rd useful center back.
A better Ref would have carded the dive not the tap on the chest. Actions like this makes me think bribes are heavily involved in this Copa America.
^regardless of who you pay to do your taxes, you are accountable as their your taxes...welcome to real life
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1 year ago
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