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Pepe, keita, & a water bottle http://youtu.be/_weAzrhU_Pg
2 days ago
I can't see Carlo or Perez letting go Isco.
2 weeks ago
Aren't you the same person that said we weren't going to win anything last season? JR is not just a world cup wonder kid. He had a great season with Monaco, ...
Why would Isco have to leave to make room for James?
I wonder if his ban will get lifted once he becomes part of UEFAlona?...
1 month ago
If I had any concerns for next season's starting line up, it would be Alonso and Ronaldo. Alonso is getting up there and Ronaldo is/has been playing injured for...
HansUpskirt gave the Colombia v Uruguay video a rating of 1
Spain is still producing the best, they just took the wrong team to Brazil.
Well I blame VDB! He clearly should have taken Isco & Carvajal with him to Brazil. Buskets, Alonso, Xavi, Inesta are all over used and old. Picking players beca...
BAE is a goof http://fansided.com/2014/06/18/cameroon-player-head-butts-teammate-gif/#!0HLxF
Should sell Ade while hes worth something. BUY Lukaku!
2 months ago
TS doesn't believe Sandro is first team quality but Chadli is a starter? lmao
3 months ago
Beast http://cdn3.vox-cdn.com/assets/4311143/madridgoal.gif
Agreed, Inesta is just shameless these days, Neymar and Bartha too. Barca needs more character, do these guys not see themselves in replays? Why are they're not...
@NAPADA17 I wouldn't give any credit to AVB on behalf of Bale, Harry moved Bale to the wing and Bale moved himself to the center. @SuperSpurs Loris plus AVB'...
4 months ago
I think the team would have gelled a lot by this point in the season. Possibly top 4, but definitely more confident. It may have been ugly,but AVB did produce S...
Madrid fans aren't obsessed with referees, we're obsessed with fair play, which has been abruptly removed from previous games. How a Barca fan celebrates their ...
Anyone have any sopcast links?
Clearly Tim can't cut it... Makes me sick to think how much potential this team had at the beginning of the season. Currently Spurs have no direction at all. L...
How do you expect to win games with a coach who has no faith in the team as a whole. The only thing Sherwood has done for Spurs was to play a highly motivated A...
Currently Madrid are lost without him!
7 months ago
8 months ago
9 months ago
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