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4 years ago
How is it Neymar needs to "moderate" his game but Brown, who has done this throughout his career is simply let off with, oh well he gave the ref the opportunity...
5 years ago
He was poor all game. Looked totally uninterested. Suarez set him up at least 5 times and each time his first touch was embarrassing. Don't get me wrong, I t...
Mate, ManU will be bidding 30+ million for Isco in a few years. Watch for him with Malaga in the CL knock out stages. They play Porto, so I'm sure you won't b...
What are you on about??? I was at the game last night, and Mata played the whole first half, out on the right. He had a great game, but didn't really shoot at ...
Not even a YELLOW!!! And then Wisdom gets a yellow for put the ball out for a corner!
How does Pepe play for Real Madrid?!?!? I have never seen him do ANYTHING that warrants a place on the team. He is a total liability! The penalty, the rolling...
6 years ago
First off, DiMaria is a piece of filth, no questions there! It was a handball, no doubt. Penalty, debatable (I don't think it was!). But the yellow is my p...
I think Bayern should challenge Alaba's yellow card. That was a travesty! Even if you do give it as a pen, how can it be a yellow?!?!? a shanked volley, off ...
... is a cheeeeaattterrrr!!!!
Barca were the better team, but Chelsea won. Happens sometimes...
You forgot fall all over the place, give your team a chance to catch their breath. Chelsea fans chanting "Same old Barca, always cheating..." Quite ironic....
They would have won without his dives though. It is a black eye they don't need.
PS - I don't mean to say Villa were robbed, surprised they only gave up 3 more. ManU were deserving winners, they will win the title, they deserve it.
I agree with you, he is not the only, nor the worse doing it, but I do have a problem with how SAF came out and didn't mince words when it came to Suarez, but p...
Saurez is "always diving", but Ashley Young "plays for the penalty"! Common, Fergie!
I disagree regarding the ref's age. I have seen Oliver ref a few times this season, and for the most part (I think he did miss a clear penalty) I think he has ...
Tipsy, you must be joking! He has been one of the best players in the PL this season. He is a threat everytime he gets the ball, but like the rest of the team...
Uhh... I know it's hard to believe, but Pepe didn't get a red. The rest is spot on.
I noticed you didn't mention Ramos or the missed penalty call. Slipped your mind, I'm sure... Real weren't robbed, they didn't win the game nor did they lose i...
You can't say it was no foul at all, it was no dive! He could have given it or not, and he did. He did get A LOT of the player...
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