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Hey mate, sorry never really check my comment wall. Yeah its nice to see non-Spurs fans commenting on our forum, especially when they contribute well like you'v...
Sounds like I'm lonely ? I'm 16 and i play for toronto FC U17 team and i do not have time for your bs but your posts are annoying.. if you don't like arsenal do...
I've been putting a little thought lately to the all-time prestige rankings of the current teams in the Premier League. Boy to I wish Blackpool had survived a c...
No matter what Pardew says, I think that Newcastle's core players will be more than up for playing Arsenal at St. James. Think about it--Coloccini, Papiss Demba...
Here's a quality lad. Thanks for the kindness matey. There's some real asswipes here on this site. I've got some friendly messages from some, but you Spurs guys...
No one really does. It's too bad there are no bulls**t votes, really. You'd warrant quite a few in my book. You seem like quite a guy. Sounds like you are lonel...
You really think i care about the votes ? you're pathetic ...
Two bulls**t votes craptz. Keep it up, you're on a roll. #sarcasm
Has the FA Cup winner ever been relegated before that same year?
Enter Wigan, Martinez, et al. Oh boy have you got a game on your hands lads
Toon's out for survival. No way is that club going down.
Wages, I mean.
Great win today lads. Heart and domination from the 20th minute onward. Sunderland draws 1-1 with 'Hampton. Next weeks' gonna be a rocker. I hope you all saw ...
Haha check out to the Chelsea page where I made an honest quip about the top five "all-immature team." Luiz came in at #4, and you'd think I had lit a bag of s...
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Having a giraffe bro?
Pepe. Haha. Here are the players I wouldn't even pick for my grammar school B team at recess. Why? Their maturity level's still in nursery school. 1)Balotelli...
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