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I love the Match of the Day highlights.
You are dumb. We were not playing our best squad even remotely.
Anyone saying Welbeck dove is a complete retard. The keeper clearly clipped him and did not touch the ball. He played for the penalty and won it. No harm in tha...
This time it was a foul. Clear penalty.
Everyone vote Cleverley for GOTW
F**k city. Had no business getting a draw. Bullshit penalty.
I don't call 3-2 getting smashed you moron.
Everyone vote Rafael's goal for goal of the week. Superb strike with his weaker foot.
HE DIDN'T WIN THE BALL ARE YOU FUKKING BLIND OR WHAT??? Get lasik surgery or something.
Yes and you always have a penis up your ass.
Hmm for those of you saying it was no penalty from Glen Johnson. Check this picture trolls: http://www.trulyreds.com/20120923/pic-valencia-not-a-diver-0-correct...
He caught him right on the same ankle that he just had surgery on moron. He will probably have a nasty bruise from it. I am sure it didn't feel great.
Both of those penalty shouts for Liverpool were a joke. The ball was won for both of them. Stop crying. And my god you guys need to vote for Rafael's goal for g...
Haha funny you say calls never go against us. What about the penalty that was given against us last year when Rio cleanly tackled Demba Ba and then they scored ...
Well before anyone can take you seriously with this post you should probably should be able to spell his name correctly. It's Welbeck, moron.
Evra is also a lot older than Clichy you idiot. Not in his prime anymore. Evra was arguably France's best left back of all time in his prime. So shove it.
Somewhere on FootyTube
I agree dude, the guy is a scumbag. Why do you think he has so many bodyguards surrounding him at all times? So many people hate him.
Dude change your favorite team to one of them then you pathetic excuse for a fan. You're a disgrace.
Yeah dude all fueled by a billionaire, congrats. Manchester United has one everything with pure talent and technical ability, investing in our youth system, and...
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