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Our deal with Adidas will be terminated at the end of next season. Deal ended by mutual consent. Not sure who will be our new brand after that
2 weeks ago
Does his red card mean he can't get some type of celebration at the end of the game? Something Gerrard-esq
As a defender, his job is not to dribble or to be an offensive threat (outside of headers....which is his). Cut him some slack man. David Luiz was loved here f...
Cesc only can work as a false 9 with a team that dominates possession. This just isn't how Chelsea play.
1 month ago
Last year I think a lot of people forget who the true covers for Fab's defensive weaknesses were: Matic and Oscar. As a DM Matic was beasting everything. And fo...
I've been thinking this since the switch myself. He's looked pretty average at RB. But then again...the whole team is average minus the rest of the defense whic...
I'm hoping that I'm wrong but I honestly see this Pato situation as something that makes zero sense. We've literally thrown money away for no reason lol. Coul...
Lol...just seriously curious. Why do you think so?
Every time I see Emenalo on the bench I always think it's Julio Baptista. I wonder if I'm the only one who's ever thought that lol
2 months ago
Thank Emelano for all of these ridiculous decisions.
Oscar will definitely start for Brazil. I don't know what it is but he always seems to show up in that gold and green jersey. I personally think they're both j...
Agreed ^...I am definitely NOT a fan of Mikel but from the original post I just don't see how you can fault the coach for playing the person who is playing the ...
Mikel has been the best player in that position all season by a land slide.
If the player is playing poorly and hurting the team...the manager subs him off and mentions it in press conferences (obviously this is not the best), then it i...
I don't see how Mou 'crushes' confidence...he's brought out the best in so many top footballers over the years.
This game pretty much summed up Salah perfectly. Tons of speed. No real ball control. No passing ability. No finishing ability. If you've watched him during ...
^ Lol the irony in that right Bazinga?
Stats don't tell the whole story though about a player. And the reason he's not hyped is because he's just a 'decent' player. Look at someone like Douglas Cos...
Siggs is def a solid player. Just don't see him as Chelsea quality I guess, that's my opinion anyway. If we were going to get a No. 10 I think there's much ...
@No1 ...Of course I don't know what goes on in his life, do you? Your saying it with the notion like you KNOW something is wrong..he could actually be quiet fin...
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