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All they're doing are the latest dances in hip-hop culture. I for one find them a bit corny but hey..to each their own
3 days ago
This was probably the best chelsea game I've watched in a LONG while. The first have was excellent. So many positives. Costa was perfect. Hazard played well as...
1 week ago
It more than doubles our Adidas deal
One of the scariest days as a CFC fan right there. Thought Cech might have had brain damage when it first happened
^ Yea but if we're at $70M, Real and Barca should be in the $100M ranges respectively.
No Willian against Leicester, he's gone home on compassionate leave with his mother's recent passing. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3836187...
At least he's making mistakes at the international level and gaining experience.
Balo actually looks happy playing as well. For the first time in a long while he actually SMILED after he scored a goal. Haven't seen that since his early days ...
Agreed @Moe66...it's very difficult being a young player trying to make it through at a big club. So much of it is also based on luck in terms of getting the op...
I didn't quite agree at first regarding Henderson, but once you got into the comparison to Chelsea and our inability to have anyone else step up, I've come arou...
Yea Azpi will play RWB. That line up is so defensive though, 5 defenders and 2 CDMs.. Even though Willian scored a great goal we know he'll go missing for the ...
3 weeks ago
Have you seen Premier League teams performances over the last few Champions Leagues??? ^
Imagine this goes through.. That would be 70M on: Luiz Alonso Keane Best money ever spent
Pep really has Sterling moving into another level of play right now. He's looking like the player City thought they were getting from Liverpool.
Lol...no one bats an eye at Messi and Ronaldo because when they have they're so called bad months they've already scored over 20 goals each lol
4 weeks ago
That shot from Iwobi ^? The angle was against the attacker. Goal keeper was horrible yesterday imo. Didn't do anything to instill confidence. And that scene whe...
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