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Lol...no one bats an eye at Messi and Ronaldo because when they have they're so called bad months they've already scored over 20 goals each lol
20 hours ago
That shot from Iwobi ^? The angle was against the attacker. Goal keeper was horrible yesterday imo. Didn't do anything to instill confidence. And that scene whe...
The 1st and 3rd goals could have both been saved. Cahill doing anything differently would have stopped the first. Hazard not ball watching or Azpi having Luiz p...
1 day ago
Where anyone sees a top 4 finish in this Chelsea side I'm just not sure. Defensively we are a joke. Ivanovic - no comment needed Cahill- no comment needed Ter...
Ivanovic needs to go man...this is getting ridiculous now. Once Zouma and Terry are back Cahill will be done. Let's just hope Conte doesn't get the sack becau...
What am I watching...?
There is no way that Ivanovic has been the best RB in the world for 5 of the last 6 years. He can't even cross ffs. 8/10 of his crosses hit the first defender, ...
4 days ago
Yea I was really impressed with Luiz's long balls yesterday. Definitely gives us another option and is linking well with our strikers.
Yea he's on the bench. I hope he gets into the game early.
5 days ago
I don't understand all the Pogba hate tbh. If you've watched him play at all for the last 2 years nothing has changed in his game...all of a sudden you expect h...
Line up VS LCFC: Begovic, Azpi, Cahill (c), Luiz, Alonso, Moses, Fab, Matic, Pedro, RLC, Batsman 3 man mid with Matic, RLC, and Fab, we'll see how this works ...
Well considering he either wants a starting place at Chelsea next season or to be sold then I think it was a fair test. He will have to play against Aguero, Ibr...
1 week ago
I wouldn't say it's worst that the pogba saga. Pogba went for free then came back for 100M. We at least got some $ for KdB and I don't think there's any chance ...
That was piss poor finishing from a top tier striker. He literally could have finished with 5 goals..
It's September...we know how great Oscar is around this time of year. Let's revisit this say in February..
You're points on achieving that right 'balance' certainly make sense. If you think about all those great partnerships that have won the PL there was a great sen...
2 weeks ago
It's very similar to the Ronaldo situation Man U was in before he left. You always just sort of knew that one day he would be there. So when the day came...not ...
Don't write Mustafi off before the he even plays one game. If you win the PL this year he would be seen as the signing of the summer even with all the other big...
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