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@ Vaaz...when your team plays well those same jerkoffs are online praising the team and the players. When they play like crap...they "express themselves" lol
6 days ago
It's funny because this debate is brought on by Di Maria again having one good game...when for the last 2 months PSG fans have been booing him as he's been play...
1 week ago
....he literally pulled Stones back and stopped him in his stride. 100% freekick
It's obviously early but the guy looks pretty solid. Like SIF said, he just looks extremely comfortable. Especially for someone playing loan striker from Brazil...
Too many players had bad games. Matic, Hazard, Costa, Pedro...all poor today. We couldn't find our players in the final third at all
Lol but Bravo is....^?
I've watched Pasalic quite a bit this season...I know he's coming off of an injury but I really just don't see anything special in him at all. Looks like such a...
Lol Vaaz...his post clearly references 'young fans'. Should a 13 year old fan go and look up the history of a football club to decide who they want to support o...
I'm not sure if he'll be able to get into our squad though at the moment tbh.
2 weeks ago
Michy's runs and movement off the ball...smh. Looks as though he has no clue where he should be at times. 1/2 the time he neither makes a run nor shows for th...
I don't think you guys understand how many times Mou has done this throughout his career. Same thing with Robben in his first stint, Hazard, players at RM...lik...
Stats for the Top 5 Most Tackles in the PL from 2014-2017. 1. Kante - 253 2. Erik Peters - 252 3. Matic - 252 4. Azpi - 251 5. Wanyama- 249 Here's the kicker....
3 weeks ago
Player of the Season right now is Kante for me.
I honestly didn't think Diego played that great today in all honesty.. Outside of a few one twos he didn't do much at all. Then on the flip side, his runs were...
I can honestly see Ake challenging Cahill for the LCB spot next year. Also a good solid back up to Alonso. He was solid
I get the sentiment here but be realistic for a second. Most people who own major sporting clubs don't make the majority of their money off the team in genera...
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