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I don't see why Gerrard didn't take all the corners, he's clearly the man! Baines corners were pretty shite as well
4 years ago
Sunderland killed both Derbys. Wonder if Newcastle's lack of english/local players mean they don't take the occasion as seriously??
That awkward moment when you lose 5 - 0 and your goalkeeper was your best player....
Nice work Milner! That goal was class! I don't know why but PL teams are at there best facing seemingly insurmountable odds
OK Suarez might be worth over $70m but he actually cost $24 million and he's still our second biggest signing by some margin. Can't remember who number one was ...
MOTD highlights pleeeease
How can you hate him when he scores goals like this for your team!
Pffft I scrolled down and there isn't even that much......so I'm going to have to add to it....... face it there's better teams this year...... Bigger fish in ...
4th in Spain.....yes not an easy feat...... how many competitive teams do they have outside Barca and Madrid now? Is it 2 or 3 this year? Still I suppose j...
More make up please!
Toures on free kicks now! anything this guy cant do
Yeh Fergies the biggest hypocrite out, if it happpens against Man U its the crime of the century, if a Man U player does it, the referees got it wrong or hes be...
5 years ago
I dont think its Footytubes fault, they get taken down from most sites.
Sure Suarez has dived but at least hes trying to change his ways(and more importantly the club and manager are trying to change his ways to suit our CULTURE!).....
Haha Benitez, helping Liverpool from the grave. so to speak.
Like anyone on this page wants to hear from a Barca fan boy, the FIFA "family" favorite.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Johan Cruyff, for as much respect he deservedly has from his playing days, if he thinks Ibrahimovic has bad technique.....lets face it past greats generally hav...
Link for just the Suarez goal, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DditmNimwo You gotta love the last replay at about :28 where Krul falls over and looks back in d...
I'm not racist, I just hate Mancs!
Everyone but that dunce of a linesman knows Liverpool won! Honestly it wasn't even close, he wasn't offside until after the ball had hit the back of the net. I ...
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