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Ain't Nobody Better!
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I have the footymania since I discovered this site.
Fredward40hands (Fred Graves) from Seattle, USA
It's the greatest game in the world. Nuff said
I support Manchester United since 2000-2001 and my biggest hero's in football are: David Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Scholes,Cristiano Ronaldo,Ronaldo,and Ronaldinho.
Gooner94 (Kathleen Buik)
HangTime (Stephen Hang) United States
Chelsea and
Play college ball.
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Hithere (Lu Mon)
Hithere, a tentacled 6-foot-midget, hails from the icy planet of Ubertron, where everything is uber-cool. Once a powerful and noble ruler of the Kingdom of LOLcatville, Hithere ...
Holden (Michal Duda)
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