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4 years ago
A draw? You must be blind.
Konoplyanka or Bezus
Lol? What? San Marino? I wasnt talking about SM, i was talking about our national team on full squad and ready for next game as for the last one, cuz if we can`...
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We are prepared for England, watch out.
Chelsea really need to do something with their CB`s. I have noticed long time ago that Terry and Luiz can get very nervous and dont play very concentrated.
5 years ago
Games like that makes powerful team even more powerful (also remember Germany 4-4 Sweden). Because next time they wont be so careless, and wont be that selfconf...
I always enjoy watchin him play.. what a great player he is. When he picks a ball... he is just like a f*****g tank.
Undoubtedly this is the best second half of football i`ve seen this year. PS. f*****g daylimotion... f**k them.
Chelsea is nothing without D.D. Torres is an embarrassment... 50 million? seriously? OMG. I can`t understand why they keep him. He is not forward that you can r...
Sheva said after that match that he feels like he is 10 years younger! That was top class performance. Слава Україні!!!
Tickets are very expensive...
What a great match
6 years ago
I know why Inter lost - Eto`o and Sneider didnt gave a damn to the result of his team in the second half. Inter is nothing without them...
Ibrahimovich needs a katana. He`s a f*****g samurai!!! Forza Rossoneri!!!
I will miss Blackpool in PL.
I will never stop saying: Silva need a better team.. i cant believe that money is everything for him :( Oh and... Serie A become worse and worse every season....
Malaga is the new Sheikh City. f**k that. Another bunch of gloryhunters are born..
This is embarrasing football.. one team always attack, other uses 8-1-1 tactic and just making a brick wall in defence . f**k you Rubin. They always play like t...
If Silva wants to win trophies.. he must change his club.. he is a brilliant player of a top-class. Real or Barcelona would be a great team for him .. not Sheik...
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