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Hemu22 (Hemnath Rao) from Chennai, India
Iam addicted to football
I like taking long walks on the beach... LMAOOO
I've been an Arsenal fan for 15 years now, nothing makes me smile more than when I just watch Arsenal play, the way they play the game is beautiful There truly is only one Arsen ...
JayMajethiya (Jay Majethiya) from Bhuj, India
B.Tech Information Technology 1st Year Nirma University , Ahmedabad ,Gujrat India
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Easygoing, Arsenal fanatic that likes to draw comics and study languages
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Been supporting this team since I was 4. Will support this team if there is an afterlife.
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M4rsenal (Martin) from Brindisi, Italy
"United are red, City are blue, they both outspent us, but The Arsenal go through." I'm albanian, I live in Italy and I support Arsenal, it's strange, isn't it? I started su ...
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