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3 years ago
Chat all you want, but Podolski has been poor every single match he's started as a forward for us. Goes missing and doesn't get into the right positions.
Why can't he? If the board restrict him with cash yet again, I can see him leaving after his contract expires because I genuinely feel the lack of quality of o...
I think Wenger will spend likely in Jan, definitely in the summer. Even he is now fed up with out mediocrity in a our squad I feel
How is my username buddy?
You guys are deluded if you think we should be competing with United on a commercial front. Dream on. We may have been competing with them and standing toe to...
Damn straight! These plastic fans that only started supporting Arsenal when the times were good a decade ago need to either get with the programme and realise t...
Does anyone where i can watch the full match online (at least the second half)?
I can see why you'd be a little peeved off about offside goals right now trolololol
Lets hope so because Santos is a pile of steaming...
The OX still has yet to prove to me he can last a full 90 mins of intense football let alone be a starter. Jeez, how many times has he got injured? Milan game ...
4 years ago
Vermaelan is hardly "good in the air". Granted he is alright for his stature, but he has never been the best in the air. much more of a mobile, play-out-from-...
SMH at people thinking Jenkinson will put Sagna out of the first team. Jenkinson is an adequate backup but is nowhere near Sagna's abilities. Jenkinson is onl...
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