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Arsenal and
I've been mad for football since I was a kid. I played every single day. walls in my room were filled with posters of footballers from guti to klinsmann. I have started seriously f ...
Kartse7en (Karthik)
Kassesc (Cesc Fàbregas) from Nairobi, Kenya
M4rsenal (Martin) from Brindisi, Italy
"United are red, City are blue, they both outspent us, but The Arsenal go through." I'm albanian, I live in Italy and I support Arsenal, it's strange, isn't it? I started su ...
Nichkis (Nikolas) from Boulder
Rayzon (Kiran) from Birtamod, Nepal
Saban101 (Saban Moh) from Ottawa, Canada
Shoxx (Lushomo Chambwa) from St Louis
Threkstari (Threk Stari) Netherlands
I'm a real cunt. Just ask Godspeedysick
Maradonna good> pele better> GEORGE BEST..!! i used to work in the world famous harland and wolff shipyard in belfast, were the titanic was built, and no, i had nothing to do wi ...
Zilch (Stephen) Australia
and England
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