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Who is Joey Barton?
8 months ago
Santi was awesome too, but for me MOTM was Rosa. He carried the ball forward with a good pace, and made hard tackles and really fought hard for the team. You co...
Do you guys think that last year's chelsea could've beaten Crystal Palace too? BTW we played great in the second half, happy for the team. My MOTM though was ...
I think last year's Chelsea could've beaten Crystal Palace ;)
Http:// :)))))))))))))))))))) Good news finally. The kid's t...
Nope I disagree. When clubs like City and Chelsea can just spend 100 mil. in one summer and strengthen their squad, the philosophy of "building" a club just goe...
9 months ago
Now that the title is out of our hands, I really really really want you guys to win it. Hate to see money win again. I really think you guys can do it too. Best...
Haha fair enought. Point made guys, I didn't know he was hated this much by you guys. Cheers :)
No. Since Barca is a soft team, and JM has a reputation for "dirty" tacticts, I was really wondering what your toughts are of JM as your manager. Like I said, I...
I just had a cool thought. I think what Barca is missing to be at the level of Bayern is an intelligent proven manager with character. Imagine you guys had Mou...
Nahhh... Bayern Vs. Barca (Pep against Barca. If this happens it'll be possibly be one of the best matches in CL history imo) Real Madrid Vs. Chelsea (JM back...
10 months ago
11 months ago
1 year ago
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