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Dammit!! Why couldn't you stay when we needed you most!?
6 years ago
What's up with the super sentimental music? It's not like he just died or anything. Jeez haha
7 years ago
Whew, that looks like a lot of exciting offensive talent coming up. Any defenders beside Gilbert?
No, you have to vibrate your lips inside the mouthpiece to reverberate noise which is the buzz you hear.
And what exactly does this have to do with Football?
8 years ago
Not yet, but it won't be far into the transfer window when he is. He's on free transfer after this season and he has said that Arsenal are his dream club and w...
Who needs Sol Campbell!??!? Rosicky is a monster at Defense!
International period. Which Arsenal starter is going to get injured this time? My money is on Rosicky pulling something again.
Future Midfield. LM: Wilshere CM: Ramsey CM: Merieda RM: Walcott. Unstoppable.
That HAS to have been THE softest penalties I have ever seen. Looked like Rooney slipped, there was hardly any contact at all. And Rooney says he never inten...
Your right, Barca just jell too well together. No other team is going to be able to break their midfield, or hold back their forwards well enough to keep them ...
Why couldn't Diarra ever play that well for Arsenal?
The pots are put together based on past performances in European Competitions. AC Milan, though they are worse now, have won a lot of European Titles, many mo...
Don't write off Man U too quickly. They start slow every season, and always finish near the top. Champions? Probably not this season. But they'll be in the...
You will never see a ball hit harder than that. He absolutely knocked the s**t out of that ball. Hit it about as clean and powerful as you can. Near post and...
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