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2cool votes mate!
6 years ago
Us Arsenal fans loved him too... He's one hell of a player, no doubt about that
You should change your name to DoucheDouchello.. It suits you better..
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Torres is a winner, he was a winner at Athletico, and a winner at Liverpool... on the pitch he is ALWAYS one of the standout players and has been his whole care...
It's clear that after the Euro 2008 campaign Fernando quickly became disillusioned with the lack of star players at Liverpool apart from himself and Gerrard. Wi...
Lol don't count in it
Somewhere on FootyTube
I think this is a REALLY smart move for Tottenham... they're a club with lots of young, extremely talented players which makes Beckham the perfect temporary add...
Ronaldo is a BEAST. He just imposes himself on football games to a ridiculous extent... I mean 3 goals and 1 assist, that's nuts! I have much more respect for...
Oo shutup Manure have been rubbish for most of the season just scraping out results half the time due to pure luck and the other half only cos of the efforts of...
Pepe Reina's last minute save was excellent! And seeing Gerrard and Torres playing like that is fantastic, they really lift the team when they play at their bes...
True that dude... haters suck on the balls of life. True story.
45 people are sippin' that haterade voting Arsenal as rubbish... seems a bit rash doesn't it fellas? I think spanking Chelsea is a pretty good effort ;)
Awesome... we dispatched Chelski with style, that's what I like to see! Just the kind of performance Arsenal needs to build up their confidence before facing Ba...
Who is this Ray Wilkins fella and what's his story?
Somewhere on FootyTube
This article is more insulting then insightful. I resent the inclusion of both Squilacci and Torres who are both great players. And Torres is actually an AMAZ...
Lol the game was over before it started... Real Madrid might aswell of been playing school kids, They're far too strong for playing against this level of club.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Nice article.... I dislike Ferguson as a person or at least as a persona that I see from time to time in the press. But you can't help but respect the guy.
Lol I knew this would happen... Arsenal's crap luck continues... Unless there's some sort of miracle, It will be bittersweet getting knocked out by Barcelona......
@RealMadrid2009 Ye ok, maybe he did just have to go take a crap. You're right about that... but there's no need to be a fucken asshole n attack me personally......
Wow... I'm the first to defend Ronaldo usually... but shaking no one's hand and going straight down the tunnel after the whistle is a real dick move!
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