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CapLampard you need to remember the counter thst led to the goal. He did his part really well, i think we should still lead with him
25 minutes ago
Bertrand just got a straight red for southampton
1 hour ago
Most chelsea fans were pissed off by that decision. Thats the first thing i yelled out when they scored
4 hours ago
Costa's interview about how he will npt change gave me goosebumps. He is so right about so many things
10 hours ago
That is why i didnt want us to play our first team vs liverpool. We were sooooo tired today, it was so obvious! But i have to be happy with the draw
The thing that pissed me off the most is that throw in call that led to the city goal. Literally none of the ball went over the line. So bullshit
I like it. zouma's big test and a chance for remy to prove himself
You on your period? youre over exaggerating. we wont boo him,im sure we'll cheer for him but not as much as we did at the eithad
No one is going to boo lampard, thats the most retarded thing to say. saying that though, i dont think we should applaud him too much. i could understand him be...
Lutheaven, at the end of the game after lampard has scored the chelsea fans still cheered him. dont state facts youre wrong about
Well we lost our highest goal scorer and assister. yaya toure hasnt been playing great this season and wasnt nasri injured this season? or am i wrong?
This is EXACTLY my thoughts on everything but of course i would be biased. it was a way over reaction but its only because it was a liverpool loss. "the idea ...
Liverpool ;)
1 day ago
Rumour is Cuadrado has picked 74 to be his shirt number because 7 + 4 = 11 which is his favourite number. so maybe when drogba retires he will swap shirt number...
Would really like boga to replace salah. the dude is unreal
Im wondering one thing which no one else seems to brinf up. Mourinho openly said caudrado does not fit in chelsea's style of play. Why would he say that? I know...
2 days ago
Fiorentina's coach has confirmed cuadrado has signed for chelsea. He is now officially a chelsea player
So drogba or remy? I think we ahouls give remy a shot
You hope? Dude thats a bit weird. If you think he deserves it, thats different
4 days ago
I think the first stamp is on purpose. The 2nd looked accidental but either way i dont care
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