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Guaje7 thought the Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid match was awesome
3 years ago
4 years ago
Guaje7 just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
Guaje7 just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
Guaje7 nominated Hulk (16') for Goal of the Week
I wish Barcelona would have never let Eto'o or Yaya Toure go...
With Demichelis playing, Barca is going to tear their defense apart.
Seriously!! Why not Villa, Xavi, Pedro?! s**t, I would have even preferred Arbeloa over Ramos!!!
Italy was reserving most of their better players for the next round. Otherwise they would have won. Brazil is not as impressive as they have been in past years.
How did Tahiti qualify for the cup to begin with?
Seems like our only true defender in this game was Pique.
5 years ago
They tried to get Thiago Silva but PSG beat them to it.
This is why we need Puyol and Pique back as soon as possible!!
Clearly you all didn't understand my first comment. In La Liga those players were Very good, but they are always overshadowed by better players that play the sa...
Gràcies amic!
A cool and a funny votes for you my fellow catalon
Interesting how pretty good players from La Liga become superstars in the premier league (Silva, Cazorla, Torres, Alonso, etc.) I could only imagine what would ...
Why in the world do they start Friedel when they have a world class keeper like Lloris now??!
Shows the kind of striker Villa is when he scores with the leg he broke. VillaMaravilla!!
6 years ago
Bayern's defense with exception of Lahm is abismal. They really need to bring in some good defenders next transfer window. Thats the teams biggest weakness
Every time Turnbull plays he has to stop a penalty kick lol.
I wouldn't call him the worst, but Barca could use a better keeper. I don't see many options out there right now though.
Good season or bad season, Im with Barça to the end. Sometimes you have to lose in order to find the desire to win again.
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