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I find it amazing that some Barcelona fans use the "they were tired" excuse. We are talking about TRAINED PROFESSIONALS who want to win and play. The only thing...
6 years ago
I made an account for the same thing, because it's so funny to see Barcelona fans get so heated. He's mad, obviously trolling, living in the past, making excus...
These statements are just proof on how delusional Barcelona fans are. @Nicholas: Wow really? Still making excuses for the Inter/Barca UCL final??
"2) Alves and Adriano as wingers is a calamitous experiment - they are defensive players hence the two yellow cards!" Wrong. They got yellows for protesting Vi...
I know right, Alves of all people getting mad at time wasting. I got a good laugh out of this also.
Is this your "balanced judgement of the game" that you speak of? LOL
A Barcelona fan making a "balanced judgement of the game" is lol worthy. Troll troll troll your boat.
Ok I'll admit it, todays game turned out to be a great game with what I think were some bad calls on both sides of the ball. Ozil played extremely well against ...
The last 20 minutes of the game was a pathetic display by the ref, the fact that you think 3 RM players should have received red cards is absolutely ridiculous ...
Ref call the game both ways, its pathetic and a joke.
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