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Very good observation buddy, what u say about mourinho is exactly what crossed my mind a few days ago. he needs to make the next step and put his ego and aggres...
4 years ago
Of course not. its like german basketball league allstars play against an NBA team. no chance whatsoever. lol
And why do u keep saying it. does it make u proud? cause its your achievement? or does it push your ego? or do u feel better if FIFA said he is the best? why do...
Come on @Mt1234 you can do better than "".. its like u use the german BILD or british SUN as proof.. grow up buddy!
Haha GTUnited you should consider finding a girlfriend.. seriously..
Gringo55 just Watched
5 years ago
Freiburg one win away from a cl-qualification spot!!! :)))
I mean come on, how can he not see it was fullly deserved and dortmund played awesome.. i dont get hey123456789, i am out hahaha biatches
HIGH 5, iTenzo ;)
Hey123, u are not right.. borussia deserved it against malaga if u see both matches. and yeah, how did the three matches between real and bvb end this season.. ...
Yes footytube, thanks for the awesome highlights lately.. i am sadly wondering how long it will take users to switch to another site :(
I actually have to disagree.. Müller not good at assisting? he is one of the top players according to the scorerpoints in the bundesliga, he is one hell of a ...
Gringo55 gave the Málaga v Borussia Dortmund video a rating of 4
Nice comprehension but i am missing those two 100% chances of götze at the beginning, where he was two times alone in front of the goalie.. thats why its not r...
Gringo55 gave the Mexico v United States video a rating of 5
I bet u did not see one full time match of neuer...
Alla relax.. 3-1 gewonnen. und hoer dir erst mal neuers erklärung an bevor du ihn verurteilst..
Wenger is thinking ahead, longtirmwise. give him time and wait for the big explosion when spending too much money will fire back at all those investor clubs
Hahahha deco u idio* freiburg is fifth in the bundesliga right now and do not have any depts, created all by their own youth teams, over centuries *****
Gringo55 gave the Manchester United v Newcastle United video a rating of 5
Why dont u guys buy some real good goalkeepers :-O - the 0-1 clearly a mistake by de gea, got plenty of time to push it somewhere else - the 2-2 by evra.. i mea...
OMG this dutch commentator is even worse (boring) than the german ones :-O
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