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Ajax was the better side for most of the game, except for maybe 15 minutes in the second half. Ajax moved the ball way betten that City did. City scored from a ...
5 years ago
After Chelsea you should really stfu.
Youth > Money!
Cry me a river.
6 years ago
And so is every single barca fan.
You mean the 1-2 game on Old Trafford? Lol.
Maybe he could also take some lessens from Evra how to get banned from his national team.
It was great to see Lyon lose! Justice for Ajax!
Well said mate
What accusations? All Ajax has said is that the game in Zagreb was suspicious and needs to be looked at closely by the UEFA. Sounds like Lyon is trying to scare...
Just to let you know that now both the French and Belgian authorities have started an investigation. Ajax is also planning to file a complaint with UEFA, they'r...
It was a fixed game for sure, the investigations are already ongoing. Ajax was robbed of the next round, 2 goals dissalowed, and Lyon cheating. Can't get any wo...
Ajax played very very well. They dominated the first 60 minutes of the game, all Lyon could do were some shots from outside the box. After de 60 mins Lyon tried...
Luis Suarez El Pistolero!
Haha, you mad? Spain played with their best possible squad, where as England had numerous injuries. You mad bro?
Great win, Anderlecht simply don't stand a chance in Amsterdam in the return. It's a done deal.
7 years ago
Haha, spanish giants? You're kidding right? Barcelona is a great side, but the top 4 of PL could easily play against Real Madrid and the rest of La Liga.
Gremlin93 vs fcbarca10p: First game: 1-0 / Second game: 2-0 / Aggregate: 3-0 in favor of Gremlin93
8 years ago
Hey the brackets are you check them! and get in touch with your opponent
I'm glad I can play with fellow FootyTube users. Just one thing: My gamertag is Gremlin93, without the T :p
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