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AidanLuca wrote in On Gregs wall
2 cool votes for you:)
5 years ago
Forgive me for the last few comments. it's coming from a man suffering from insomnia. Than you
God bless you Joke. I'm a Spurs fan. I'm used to not winning anything and I'm used to the disappointment of getting a new manager every year. "People who judge ...
But no system is perfect. There is a reason that no team has ever won the Champions League twice in a row. Manchester United have a "system" and the same manage...
Peteko, I have no idea how Chelsea would have fared had they stuck with Mourinho or Ancelotti or Di Matteo. You're right that they might have been even more suc...
Hello TheGod, I think you make an interesting, if irrational, counter-argument. Whenever Abramovich sacks a manager, pundits and fans come out of the woodwork t...
Matt, I think the £86m figure is a bit low!
I agree with you that for the elite clubs, it's mostly about money. Chelsea seem to buy players without having a specific manager in mind. I doubt Di Matteo had...
Yesterday morning my mum phoned me, and despite neither of us being Chelsea fans, she was outraged by the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo. "That man (Abramovich)...
It's not that he's a bad player - as I said, he's often a very good player, but he shouldn't be undroppable. I was looking at the papers today, and most of them...
Last night England were knocked out of Euro 2012, losing on penalties to Italy, having been thoroughly outclassed but holding on for a 0-0 draw. This mornin...
Every season it happens. Midway through the football calendar emails start appearing on football websites across the country, complaining. Not complaining about...
6 years ago
A few days ago I was in a newsagent, idly waiting for someone to buy cigarettes, and looking at the rows of magazines and newspapers. The magazines the always a...
Jeroen, I'm afraid that most people in England would not want Alan Shearer as manager. In fact, calling for Alan Shearer as manager is exactly the kind of thing...
Greg that was a fantastic article on the whole illusion of the English press with regards to the football team. Privilege mate
2 cool votes for you mate:D cya around
As news filtered in about Fabio Capello, I found myself wondering about the footballing future. I wasn’t thinking about who would be the next England manager,...
The idea of celebrities on Twitter is that they can cut out the middle-man. That instead of having their words twisted by journalists and tabloids and the whole...
You kind of prove my point. The facts are that Portsmouth got relegated with Avram Grant in charge. You can argue that it wasn't his fault and that he did well ...
I'm fascinated by football managers. Maybe it's because I don't really know exactly what football managers do. In some clubs they are broken old men who wear ra...
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