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Where have I been? Tevez at Juve? he looks to have taken the vaunted #10 as well. hope hes earning it.
Belize scores...And that's basically a touch below US's A team...
Canada's goalkeeper is sporting the Glenn Perkins? Or IS Glenn Perkins?
Thank you Dortmund! You saved Barca some blushes here. Though Spaniards as a whole will be weeping.
5 years ago
Damn, dynamic duo all day today! looking like a deadly pair when in need.
Alves outside boot pass dead on target about 20 yds...that should count as a goal.
Comon uploaders, this is the last 16, its time to start to 16+min videos. The above tells us nothing of the game.
Roma still look like...they suck but yeah Bradley with the almost tap-in goal! I cant wait till Italian soccer gets back to its deserved place in European club...
Damn boys, leavin it late again.
Comon, how do you cut off what supposedly is a post match brawl with Henry! just read it on soccernet, what happened?
Damn, i dont know if its the music, but i feel a toffeeman right now.
Boom, Jozy!
Massive! But again, look at that lineup, if they aren't beating teams handily in this league, they should be judged like Arsenal.
Looked as though we played well, but this scrapping by still in 2012 is not exactly progress. Jamaica has always been a good side, 4th to 6th in the region, bu...
A stunner, and at the death. 2nd Mattocks goal though was the best.
Oh my god that was awesome. that was soo soo awesome.
6 years ago
What a game! Id say Mexico was punching above their weight with those two goals to keep the distance. But both sides looked to be having a go at it, atleast in...
US v Canada highlights please!
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