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Well, I grew up in England (Sunderland mostly) watching football italia on sundays on channel 4 and since then I have a Serie A obsession. Ibrahimovic is my favorite player. Fantastic athlete. Live in the USA now. Go soccer!!!!!

"Ronaldo the Phenomenon Kills Ronaldo the Feminine" - random youtube comment, lmao.
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I don't think Bale and Ronaldo can co-exist on the same pitch. Bale is basically a watered down version of Ronaldo. He is not a passer he is a scorer and that w...
3 months ago
Pique is a decent to bad defender. Barcelona's possession game covers his inadequacies. Puyol covered him too a lot. He is great going forward though. Similar t...
Bale has no confidence at Madrid. Even in training you can see it. He doesn't gel with any other team members. Scared to upset them in games by being greedy so ...
But it was Pepe's fault for both goals...
I think Juventus aren't being given enough credit. I was seeing slide tackles in midfield!! When does that happen anymore? Solid performance. Madrid have visite...
Why is keeper going to listen to an outfield player in that situation? Do attackers tell defenders how to defend? Do midfield players tell strikers how to shoo...
Wow Barca in top form finishing the season strong. I'm waiting for when MSN all get a hatrick in one game
The USA military need to get their butts over there quickly. Oh that's right, we only play hero when there's money to be made.
4 months ago
Is it the shoes or Guardiola over-watering the pitch to accommodate a quick passing game? Today, a little too much water was applied.
I think it was more due to Sanchez's reputation as a known diver
5 months ago
I think they both deserved a yellow or no cards at all I mean they both went for the ball with a slide tackle of course their going to collide with each other.
You've got to be trolling son. Hazard is an honest player but he will shield the ball while dribbling just to get fouled from behind. A lot of players do this a...
I think though that Real were missing a lot of their more creative players. They had only Isco really. Marcelo, Modric, Rodriguez, all missing. Khedira and Kroo...
6 months ago
Ibrahimovic Messi Ronaldinho Ruess Robben again also
7 months ago
GotIbra gave the Brazil v Panama video a rating of 5
1 year ago
GotIbra gave the Real Madrid v Valencia video a rating of 5
GotIbra gave the Crystal Palace v Liverpool video a rating of 1
I think the difference was it was against Norwich City.
Who's the man for the job? Will United fans back another manager that gets the SAF seal of approval. I'd really like to hear who United fans want to manage them...
GotIbra gave the Barcelona v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
GotIbra gave the Bayern München v Borussia Dortmund video a rating of 4
GotIbra gave the Real Madrid v Almería video a rating of 3
GotIbra gave the Granada CF v Barcelona video a rating of 5
GotIbra gave the Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland video a rating of 5
GotIbra gave the Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland video a rating of 2
PSG played like absolute pants. They must have given the ball away at least 10 times just in the first half in the midfield or in their defense. I'm very surpri...
You're right. I watch PSG games quite regularly and Lavezzi and Pastore are so inconsistent. Always missing the easiest of shots regularly but then they look li...
I dont think Rooney has a choice. He's the best player at keeping posession, passing and creating for others. If he wasn't playing in midfield he'd never see th...
GotIbra gave the Barcelona v Osasuna video a rating of 4
GotIbra gave the PUMA: Verratti on life at PSG (En) video a rating of 5
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