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Well, I grew up in England (Sunderland mostly) watching football italia on sundays on channel 4 and since then I have a Serie A obsession. Ibrahimovic is my favorite player. Fantastic athlete. Live in the USA now. Go soccer!!!!!

"Ronaldo the Phenomenon Kills Ronaldo the Feminine" - random youtube comment, lmao.
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You guys notice Suarez block Carvajal out of the way so Messi had a gap to aim at? Genius.
20 hours ago
Rashford and Mkhy on the bench, Rooney, Lingard and Martial up front, wow. Why is Rashford not starting?
Martial now going to get some playing time. Oh wait, there's still Lingard lol
Barca not playing around with that lineup lol
4 days ago
Zlatan doesn't slow down play at all. I've watched almost every game this season and there is this myth that Zlatan and Fellaini slow down play. The truth is th...
1 week ago
To be fair, before the red card Bayern were moving the ball forward with ease. You're right, it is a brilliant result considering Bayern were the much stronger ...
Yep I realized right after I posted that Spurs have conceded less goals than United but both have the fewest losses in the league and even though one of the pos...
To be honest, for this club at this moment, it'd be better if they play these big clubs away because at home it would probably end up in a draw. Better chance o...
Playing attractive football at all costs is the Wenger philosophy. He wants Arsenal to be like Barca so bad with all these attacking midfielders who are horrib...
Why trade one old player for another? Got to get a world class striker and one more world class midfielder to replace Carrick. Defence is fine since only 3 game...
2 weeks ago
Here we go with Fellaini being the reason United can't score goals. No, it's not because United are third from the bottom of the whole league in conversion perc...
Team can't score goals. Nothing to do with Mourinho. Most of Mourinho's Chelsea teams, even though the played counter attack, they always had the most goals and...
Why is Fellaini not a midfielder? He plays mostly in the middle of the pitch, linking up passes, dropping back to defend in front of the back like, going up to ...
1 month ago
He's garbage. Unless you want to settle for mediocrity. Arsenal were once a big club. Not anymore. No big European team is scared of them. No Big EPL team is sc...
Strange....after I just posted this reply they show up now....must be the cache or something.
Hmm, why can I only see my REPLIES to comment when I'm logged in? I can see everyone elses just fine when I'm logged out. Mod? Got an answer for me? I can see p...
Jones and Rojo for me. Bailly is not comfortable on the ball and always leaves the back line not knowing how to defend. I think he'd be better as a CDM. Blind.....
Bro, I don't care what you read on this site. I can express my opinion just like everyone else. I'm not comparing positions I'm comparing effectiveness. For the...
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