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Well, I grew up in England (Sunderland mostly) watching football italia on sundays on channel 4 and since then I have a Serie A obsession. Ibrahimovic is my favorite player. Fantastic athlete. Live in the USA now. Go soccer!!!!!

"Ronaldo the Phenomenon Kills Ronaldo the Feminine" - random youtube comment, lmao.
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Fellaini with 2 assists? The new creative force lol
11 hours ago
Good luck guys. Would really like to see you in UCL and attract big names like James, Griezmann, etc. Current crop I don't think will get past group stage in th...
13 hours ago
I think get 2 quality defenders, Verrati paired up with Pogba and then Lacazette or Griezman for goals. Oh, glaring problem, no real midfield maestro. A #10 or ...
1 week ago
Oh, De Gea would also make it in the better teams but when your best performing player is your goal keeper there is something wrong.
Meh, Mou may have fell out with Chelsea last year but when he usually wins the league his "defensive minded approach" his team's have the most goals....Nothing ...
Can any one tell me who the sky sports one commentators for this game are?
2 weeks ago
You have to agree Owenit that lack of squad rotation has a big part in all these injuries no? Monaco are destroying Ligue 1 so it's not like their grinding out ...
Yet somehow the midfield was able to help the defenders keep a clean sheet. I can't understand you guys' disdain for the tree. The whole team is trash, pick a s...
I agree, too many games. Plus some players are just injury prone. LOL Hargreaves was forever injured that had nothing to do with physios. Some players just play...
I think injuries and overall playing time this season factor into this. 3 professional coaches can't be all wrong.
Griezman with this team will be a flop. Same with Di Maria. These guys perform with other players of their caliber. Plus Griezman is like Mhyky and even if Unie...
Joey, I don't believe so from a logical standpoint. Struggling to beat lower EPL teams at home, struggle to score more than 1 goal. Mkhytarian is EASILY the bes...
Thank you. I think every fan base but United fans actually rate average players like Martial, Rashford (average for now), Herrera, Bailey etc. These players wou...
3 weeks ago
He was keeping a Swansea player onside and unmarked
I was also disappointed at that dive. Horrible.
You guys notice Suarez block Carvajal out of the way so Messi had a gap to aim at? Genius.
1 month ago
Rashford and Mkhy on the bench, Rooney, Lingard and Martial up front, wow. Why is Rashford not starting?
Martial now going to get some playing time. Oh wait, there's still Lingard lol
Barca not playing around with that lineup lol
Zlatan doesn't slow down play at all. I've watched almost every game this season and there is this myth that Zlatan and Fellaini slow down play. The truth is th...
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