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Well, I grew up in England (Sunderland mostly) watching football italia on sundays on channel 4 and since then I have a Serie A obsession. Ibrahimovic is my favorite player. Fantastic athlete. Live in the USA now. Go soccer!!!!!

"Ronaldo the Phenomenon Kills Ronaldo the Feminine" - random youtube comment, lmao.
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Wait a minute....people are still debating CR7 and Messi? Oh lord like, isn't it glaringly obvious that Messi brings far more to the table? The speed of thought...
3 months ago
Matic and Pogba playing great. Matic more so. He's broken up so many attacks and the ease at which Chelsea are getting opportunities, this is very important to ...
Yes, this is the formation and personnel everyone has wanted and I guarantee the team will still play like usual....boring and uninspired.
^You must be new to Mou. Did you watch the post match interview? Are you aware of how he protects his players? He could easily say the team played like crap but...
4 months ago
When will people stop blaming Mou and hold players accountable? Mou's compact and direct tactics are the sole reason this team is overachieving. Martial missed ...
Really good dribblers get fouled more because that's the only way to get the ball off them. Nothing about being specifically targeted.
I think the term professional here is used in terms of showing up on time, giving 100% on the field, diet, fitness etc not about popularity.
Zidane out? This is unacceptable for a team of this caliber (biggest team in the world)
5 months ago
United are very desperate but at the end of the day it is Sanchez who signs the paper right? He will rather hold out for the summer if he can't go to City this ...
Don't know why Mou doesn't go for Mahrez. The guy is a legit genius with the ball. Will make Mata look like the above-average player he is. With Mahrez, United ...
I agree with Shay on this. Sanchez OBVIOUSLY will pick City over United for the various reasons already discussed on this thread (instant EPL medal, knows the c...
Yea I see him going if he has a good world cup but what if Liverpool win UCL? Also no they didn't want him because they just signed Dembele for $100 mil for tha...
I'd take Salah over Coutinho without hesitation.
It was also against Derby Co. Herrera is trash and not good enough to wear the shirt. Love his passion but passion isn't enough. He needs to be gone by next sea...
Mkhi is most definitely a flop, for this team anyway. Did you see Mourihos face when he missed that shot? Granted there were a lot of misses today as is usual o...
Without City, no one would be saying anything about the manager right now. Mourinho can only do so much. The team are in second, having one of the best starts i...
Even some of the counter attacks the players couldn't string together more than 2 passes and this is against a 10 man team....abysmal.
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