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Can you please delete this account i'm posting with. I haven't been a gooner in a long time. It should be deleted, thank you.
2 years ago
Goons updated his profile
What benefit of the doubt are you talking about you blind bat
6 years ago
You missing chances does not equate the ref robbing and opposition of a goal.
Brag when you actually start winning Trophies, third place is not a trophy.
Are you saying Messi smiled upon himself?
You don't need geographical knowledge to support a great team so your point is moot. people aren't saying messi has won the most world cups or scored the most g...
So whats your point? that hgh gives magical balling powers? or that modern science saved his life as it does billions of people around the world?
Your logic there is out of wack
Damn hun, you looking lovely
You arsenal fanboys should stop living in the past, wake up no one cares about your unbeaten run anymore,its a new decade.
@ Woosh Whats young about 24 and 25? if you dont have yourself sorted by then, when is it ever going to happen? @ Chiefsmokingcar What does maradona have to do ...
Whos speaking of the invicibles, quit living in the past, the team is currently in a mess
Hope ur all keeping the faith boys lmao
Time to face reality fanboys
It'll be hooray for united tomorrow, you know it, i know it
He never scored a header for arsenal?
He already is
Yea sure, he defended, coached and kept as well
Just shut up, ur not making any sense
Really? more spark? so all those others mega stars in the team are not sparkly enough? ronaldo? benzema? ozil? kaka? di maria? alonso? etc etc
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