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Idc that I am the only one showing them some ❤️! This team is just a joy to watch at the moment and I hope they can continue to challenge in the la liga for...
2 months ago
Awwwww man :(
4 months ago
With these additions, I think they can make some noise in the CL this year...hopefully
5 months ago
And another quality signing under the radar. I am stoked to see how Espinoza will do, having high hopes for him.
I thought y'all had a rich owner?
I thought Valencia had a billionaire owner, Lim or Kim or Lee something
Silvio just needs to have a heart attack, the bastard is just letting the club decompose it feels like.
It was apparently only 37m
Wow, quality signings so far! Still said that we lost Bailey but Premier $$$ is hard to compete with.
Rather go for the f**k it approach and go for Leroy Sané.
6 months ago
Your right! totally forgot about our new shinny star
I more-less was referring to the transfer fee and the wages that they will probably receive could have been spent elsewhere. I do agree that if we are going fo...
I hope so fam
Sounds like the kind of character that would bend you over and start f*****g you and right before the climax, pulls out and then wanders over to ManU, ManCity, ...
I do not want Icardi in an Arsenal shirt. Just asking for trouble dealing with snakes.
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