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Johny (John) from Victoria, Canada
Kasa408 (Kasa)
Been supporting this team since I was 4. Will support this team if there is an afterlife.
Kassesc (Cesc Fàbregas) from Nairobi, Kenya
LeDerp (Derp Derpington) from Manchester, England
and England
I like cheese.
McEachran (Daniel)
Meader01 (Brad Meader) from New Addington, England
Ndergame (Nate Dedge)
Im from Malaysia and currently staying in NZ, big fan of arsenal since 2002.
Pavlov9 (Steven Pavlov)
Poppyfields (Joseph)
Raam1988 (Raam) from Boston, USA
Rafey (Abdulrafey Asim) from Islamabad, Pakistan
Redhertz (David) from London, UK
Rohitghosh (Rohit Ghosh) from Bangalore, India
Just another fully crazy footy fan
Saadbutt (Saad Arjmand Butt)
Shoxx (Lushomo Chambwa) from St Louis
Sjsung (SJ Sung)
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