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But it wasn't.....
4 years ago
"Listen to this roar for Andy Carrol" ...... silence....
Slow down Jimz88.... Gerrard ain't pretty.
Chamakh diving is all everyone can talk about? How about the absolute class midfielder we've got? Jack "f**k off" Wilshere. Go on, son.
Whoa! I get it! Scuba gear = diver = chamakh dives! ................good one..........
Come on you Gunners! First big game for Chelsea on Sunday, and so far the Russian hookers have failed in the big games. Come on Arsenal!
Oh Vela, Vela! Our Mexican superstar, he's better than Cantona. Oh Vela, Vela...
We should make a DVD of that performance... Bentley, you Arsenal reject.
Wait... I typed in "49 years and haven't won s**t" in Google, and this sp*rs cack came up... weird.
"She's a Gooner!" Magic words...
Well done Alan Shearer for the final comment "...And he's only 21 years of age..." 59 goals Robinson, Well done lad!
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