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Skool because it's one of their main targets^^
5 years ago
Yea you're thinking way too ahead. RVP did say he loves playing as much as he can so maybe he doesn't want to come off he wants to play it in full
6 years ago
Nice one *tears* i love this team regardless
Sadly AW won't do it..i want to see him in midfield too hoping this weekend he'll do some squad rotation. rosicky to start, le coq,henry maybe over walcott..som...
How is it that sagna a half fit player outplayed everyone of our players? god i love sagna and arteta AND I miss wilshere (more than cesc) Sigh sigh sigh where...
Best for the team does not include turning you back on them. just saying
Glory hunter lol your funny if wanting the best for my club is be a glory hunter then i am the biggest one
I give up explaining. bottom line is i choose to stick by arsenal which includes the managers and players. they're part of arsenal and if you don't want to show...
Thank you for sticking up for wenger. if only more fans were like u we would be back to the days where we cheered them on even on the bad days:)
Lol this guy is ridiculous. please do us all a favour and stop being such a glory hunter nkrumah. stick by the team through good and bad times simple
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Ok let me explain. so we bring him in then what? sure we'll win something but bare in mind jose will not stay long. then what? 1) the personal touch between m...
I am stupid your funny it's fan like you that are so blind by his past Success that you can't see the big picture Arsenal has not won a trophy in years not 2 ye...
Gooner14rach can you Please tell me how many trophies Arsenal has won in the last 5 years
Somewhere on FootyTube
You dont deserve to have the king's picture there then. to ask wenger to leave is like asking every successful arsenal player to disappear(including henry since...
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