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2nd alba goal shouldn't have counted, ball was still moving when villa hit it.
4 years ago
5 years ago
Third barca goal pretty offside
How can Alves wag his finger at the ref after a tackle like that? All it does is raise contempt in the referee towards you and your team, I don't understand why...
6 years ago
Another fantastic article. I began thinking this myself a while back as I watched match highlights, noticing camera work that increasingly focuses on reactions ...
The more penalties a player takes against the same keeper, the more likely the keeper is the be able to predict what the player is going to do. its why robben'...
There's still another Manchester Derby to go.. If Man City can manage to hold off Chelsea and Arsenal, it'll probably all come down to one game. love football
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@Mt1234 my comments were not racially spurred at all. I have a great deal of respect for black athletes, Glen Johnson is one of my favourite players. Joey Bart...
@Mt1234 you understand that attacking the people that made the argument instead of the argument itself undermines what you're trying to say? Its called ad homi...
Katana is absolutely right. he's throwing his career away with his attitude and if he's ignorant enough not to see that, then we won't see him at the top for lo...
It's a completely legitimate goal. he simply took advantage of the relaxed pace of football players when there is a dead ball. i'm normally 100% against barca,...
It's difficult enough to find acceptance when it comes to football in North America, but I wouldn't expect criticism from people who actually have enough of an ...
General managers absolutely have plans when it comes to player acquisition, and simply because you don't see it doesn't mean there isn't strategy involved. And...
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Not in terms of skill, but in terms of impact
Defensive injuries aside, Arsenal would benefit from a big signing in the role of an attacking mid-fielder. It'd certainly take the pressure off of Van Persie ...
Fair enough. I'm from Canada, so I've grown up with sports having a single league for all teams, and automatically look at trades in terms of team to team, not...
It's a comparison between two professional sports, really not that abstract. It's simply my opinion, didn't need someone to s**t on it without any argument.
That's an incredibly closed minded approach to the issue. Why do you think there is a constant debate about whether the transfer window is good or bad? Because...
Having a transfer window mid-season is ridiculous. It's a way for managers to go back on their plan and make a short term fix. Compare this to the MLB, where ...
Remi gaillard does this like its nothing
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