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Sorry for the downer. My 26yo baby brother just passed away on Sunday in Jamaica. I'll be away from the forum for a long while. Haven't seen him in over 16 y...
2 months ago
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^Ince may also start for them. They're very dangerous. They can counter with speed plus a Pulis team is hard and dirty and not to mention they're good in the ...
^Wrong. Won't be a win if we lose. Where's your logic?
No way I'd play a young Zelalem in a game vs Pulis.
I've quick FT about twice now. I just didn't tell n e one lol. When we lose I can't cuddle in my wife's arm because of a game so I cuddle on FT. Thanks for t...
Sometimes it's good to go out on a high note :)
U kidding right? How old is Gnabry? He's not even close to the finished product as yet. How many players within the German squad is ahead of him? Do u even ...
Pretty awesome analogy.
Dontgetcut. One word. Frustration. Fans and Supporters tend to get frustrated and their tolerance gets lowered. I myself is guilty of that too. How'd you t...
^ on a good note, I'm back on FT. Thanks for the well wishes guys. Jeroin, good luck with that as well. Switching new jobs will probably mean limited time on...
I'd hope he'd come good like Ramsey did. I remember at times screaming like a pig at the screen while a lot of Arsenal fans just treated him like u know what. ...
I've been away some time now but realized something a few months back and one I should've realized quite a while ago. There's an end for everything so I think ...
3 months ago
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