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I think you aren't that erudite in football if you don´t consider that teams in the different leagues have different objectives, and subsequently different kin...
2 years ago
Gay article... Suarez is a good football player, and his character is what makes him a lethal machine... to me he is the better nine in the world by far. If he ...
Corruption.... bribery.... this is not regular...
Go suck a dick f****n gsy
Incredible the goal lost in 4:50.. that player just sucks...
Incredible how much that referee sucks... it wasnt a penalty!!!
The player of the penalty is an imbecile, or maybe he was bribed.
I was bothered... but it is not strange to me.. to me asian people are like terminators.
Why the referee show yellow card to the scorer of the second goal?? why he is ranting after he scores??
I still see some naivety in MLS ... naive referees... naive players... naive football... the progress of MLS is stopped
LOL... referees in mls sucks.. what kind of penalty is that???
The keeper of the white ones... is a little overweighted
YOU ARE absolutely right.. what an imbecile.
1 - 0 against guadalupe Islands??? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.. you are a disgrace to football...
Nice beard of Henry.. he looks a lot more tough with it
Good header in USA goal, but seriously... Panama??? come on.. let's hope your squad redeem it self.
Brasil deserved to win the match. but anyway, this is football. deservement does not count.
Amazing change of pace of Neymar... i hate that guy, because he is a f*****g ugly bitch, but he is good.
In MLS almost every goal is from a free kick... i think you have a league with good stadiums, with athletic guys, but you need to improve your game.
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