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4 years ago
I dont understand, whats wrong with mentioning the topspin? I've never actually heard a female commentator before but I thought she did a pretty good job. There...
5 years ago
Ah..Zdzislaw Beksinski. Got to love his work.
6 years ago
'making the most of it' usually takes place after the initial contact is made just to make it more obvious that theyve been fouled such as rolling around, etc. ...
Yeah I agree. Barcas not playing the way they should, not up to their level. Im still confident real can slip and barca can take advantage but I think its becom...
Exactly. These are the supplementary titles that most big teams will give or take. If barca fail to win the champs league, la liga, and the copa those three tit...
Horrible comment ThorPower. Going well wide? You made that assumption with no statistical data to reinforce it. Its almost not worth responding to, but Im going...
What a horrible way to break a win streak. Tottenham definitely didn't deserve to win (they probably didnt even deserve the peno) but they could have lost witho...
Oh yeah I forgot that Arsenal used to win stuff from time to time
Good refereeing this match. Refs always get ripped on when they do poorly (as they should) but rarely get commended for good performances. So thanks Mr. David F...
Haha winning the classico just brings it out in us. Next time you beat liverpool/Man City at (especially at their stadium) you wont be so modest
Awesome result. I think Barca really deserved that victory. Ronaldo messed up a few really good opportunities that could have made it really tight though. He pl...
Im relatively young at 21 but watching this game made me feel really old. These players are mostly all younger than me and winning games 4 - 0 in the Champs Lea...
Well deserved win from Fulham. Nothing controversial here.
Haha I thought the exact same thing
Jeeeeeeeesus chrisssst. World Champions
Oh god the worst game Ive ever had the displeasure of watching. Exciting in terms of scoreline but everything in between was so frustrating. Conditions made the...
Two horse races are awesome when one of the horses is yours :) Also, apparently barca has a secret handshake I wasnt aware of. Is this the secret to winning ...
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