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So.. from wat i see in the comments the reds, utd team up with arsenal while the rich blues chelsea team up with city.. wheres liverpool?? i guess we cant make ...
6 years ago
Dont worry bro together u n i will make top 2 next season, leaving city forever alone and na$hri rotten in his teeth.. united n gunners will always be real riva...
I guess sheikh once wants to buy united off but then, nahh coz the stadium has already got the name SIR ALEX FERGUSSON STAND..
Liverpool just got owned by fulham damn i wish they were at least on the big four but then i see they're on 8th place if im not mistaken.. what happen if liverp...
Chillax we just need hazard next season to be in charge from what ronaldo have left.. hopefully city will be generous and let us buy hazard, pleaseee only one p...
@unitedsocaluk dude why r u not happy with ur club man?? come one remember how we win 19th with ur so called low class 'chicharito'? keep supporting in win or l...
Yeah i really miss those triple R boys back then, they were unstoppable remembering how utd always scored 4 goals in a match, even the commentator yell out "whe...
I sometimes wonder what villas boas is thinking now....
Its funny how barca fans were screaming and singing in happiness for 2 minutes until ronaldo came to tell them to calm n shut the fuk up.. u sang too little ca...
Lol finally i see some sense from opposing team.. i sure look forward for leg 2, hope they defense real good and go through final..
This dude sure love to talks alot
And we will win the same way madrid against barca
I really miss vidic.. I'm a bit worried if rafael could handle tevez because he damn sure is a dangerous man.. the derby will be pumping..
True.. well i as RM fans have been mad for years but now i somehow love to see the catalans and fans have this feeling called MAD..
Nah the big boss already love pep too much thats why they dont care when pep says his team going to lose and win nothing.. the other coach once said things like...
Barca chill we've been mad for ages.. but now do u feel the 'feeling' of MAD???
The Great One has fallen, now The Legend has risen once again!!
Awesome stuff
Wow!! what an act by balotelli
I look forward the day when city get double.. but in reality at the moment i very look forward united is still on top..
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