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^That's pretty much how I would describe Neymar as well. His finishing has been below his standards really, but when you analyze his game, he's allowed Suarez a...
7 hours ago
Don't make the same mistake Barca did and underestimate Dani's capability as a 34 year old. The man can play football and I'd bet a lot of money that his age wo...
3 days ago
It was an amazing slam this time around for sure. Not sure what's happened to Djokovic, but he was totally dominated by Thiem. And then Rafa dominated Thiem! Ar...
2 weeks ago
The best news for the Argentina NT in my opinion. If anyone can get them World Cup qualification, Sampaoli can. Argentina has arguably more talent than Chile, i...
3 weeks ago
@Bazinga But the real question is can a "GOOD" manager win titles with the squad Barca has NOW? Especially with Real Madrid's squad in tip top shape. Atletico ...
4 weeks ago
Http:// Don't know how reliable this source is, bu...
1 month ago
^Pretty much. I hope Valverde knows he will be crucified if all he tells the team to do is run down the wings and cross. Plus, if those are his tactics, what us...
"On his night, he is unplayable, but that does not make him anywhere near the bests of the game."? If Messi, at his BEST, is unplayable I think that qualifies h...
People only think you have the best squad because of how much money was spent to make it and/or it helps back up claims that Pep is not a fantastic manager (I'm...
^Apparently you missed the first leg against PSG...
2 months ago
^ I don't know about that. Real Madrid's depth trumps Barca's starting XI. Over the course of a season, the league would not have been won by now. Lucho would h...
Gomes on the bench? Don't make me laugh.
Not at all. I wasn't doubting his decision or anything. Sergi has shown versatility so I wasn't doubting him. Lucho has had some weird experiments this season, ...
I was wondering how the 4-3-3/3-4-3 formation worked. I was really confused why Lucho put Sergi Roberto up top on the right. The formation Lucho went with is wo...
It's going to be something to remember! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
^never say never! His reputation of being a defensive liability and not adding much offensively is preceding him. Really, it's becoming a matter of how long wil...
Brilliant from Suarez to quickly get back on side for the throw in. Now we have a game!
3 months ago
Valencia got their it will be an hour of bus parking..
Man, the fact that Leicester City is in the QF of the CL still blows my mind. Football be crazy.
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