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Barca definitely has a better defence, but Bravo wasn't counting strands of grass during matches. He made some quality saves because our defence was not always ...
Unless they're Suarez! The biggest reason I think we should bring Coutinho is the fact that he could link up with Neymar so well. However, he will cost Barca a...
2 days ago
No you didn't? If we were in April, I'd say yes, but it's the first half of January. Calm down
All three scored today! Today was a great day. Still need to keep ourselves level headed though. I am hopeful that the team is finally gaining the confidence th...
6 days ago
Been one of the best free kick takers in the world for the past 5-6 seasons. Almost always gets the ball on target. It's just now he's turning into Willian from...
I think Lucho has shown he is more than capable of bringing the best out of this team. Inconsistent performances are out of his hands. I'm thinking it is mental...
1 week ago
Sooner or later you have to realize you're giving him what he wants SanchezAlexis. Giving him that satisfaction is the last thing we need to do. He may not even...
Https:// The first thing I thought of when I read this post.
Xavi SHOULD be coach of Barcelona. Just like Cruyff and then Pep. Legendary players for the club that become legendary managers. It only makes sense! If we can'...
La Liga is still in the Stone Age BearWithFish.
So we'll see Danny next season then?
He is only 20 after all. Given his build and stamina, the PL is the perfect place for him to test his abilities and grow.
2 weeks ago
I can't take Pep seriously when he says they don't need any new signings. Perhaps, he's trying to reinforce his faith in the players. Pep truly believes in Zaba...
We are OVERALL the best team in the world, but we have been outplayed, outclassed, and whatever else you can think of because even Barcelona has a bad day now a...
It was very lucky. Very very lucky and I think that makes it that much harder to pull off. The best goals we've ever seen are the ones we think will never be ab...
Doesn't it make sense that you scored the most goals when Ancelotti was the coach? I only ever noticed Chelsea gain the "boring" reputation when Mourinho was co...
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