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Whether Spurs win the CL or not, I think the allure of managing Barca might be enough to convince him just like the allure of playing for Barca convinces player...
1 week ago
I've seen a lot of positive comments about Pochettino and what he could do with this Barca squad. Now I am curious. Do you guys think Poch could get the best ou...
I think Coutinho and Dembele could really help rejuvenate the squad with proper guidance. It's pretty alarming how Coutinho's form took a bit of a dive, but Dem...
Lyverbird, I read that his agent (the infamous Raiola) is demanding a ridiculous fee that stalled negotiations. But since when has money stopped the Barca board...
I think Liverpool should be seeking longevity with the signings they make over the summer. A talent like De Ligt is exactly what you would need to maintain the ...
Without Firmino and Salah. Congratulations Liverpool! I have a lot of respect for your squad and for Klopp. Losing to you isn't shameful in my opinion. Pool vs ...
2 weeks ago
They totally deserve to go through. And some people thought we were favorites. That 3-0 scoreline at home was a facade that some fans just didn't see through.
Well F*CK. That was brilliantly taken by TAA. I can't say I am surprised.
I would argue our form over the course of the season and the way we showed signs of struggle against Lyon and Manchester United made us look unprepared for Live...
3 weeks ago
Objectively, were we not?
^It seems like you are fishing for some response. What Barca fans are saying Barca is the best club in the world? The 14 year old YouTube and Reddit goers? It w...
@SilvaMaestro16 Please expand on what you mean by the "Ferguson Level" lol
@sanjeevdhital A Messi free kick might be Barca's best hope of scoring against Liverpool. That, and a penalty of course. If there is anything I want to come fr...
1 month ago
Pool are favorites for sure. Media may say otherwise because it's "Barcelona and they have Messi", but it's quite obvious Liverpool are offensively and defensiv...
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