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^Apparently you missed the first leg against PSG...
2 days ago
^ I don't know about that. Real Madrid's depth trumps Barca's starting XI. Over the course of a season, the league would not have been won by now. Lucho would h...
Gomes on the bench? Don't make me laugh.
6 days ago
Not at all. I wasn't doubting his decision or anything. Sergi has shown versatility so I wasn't doubting him. Lucho has had some weird experiments this season, ...
2 weeks ago
I was wondering how the 4-3-3/3-4-3 formation worked. I was really confused why Lucho put Sergi Roberto up top on the right. The formation Lucho went with is wo...
It's going to be something to remember! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
3 weeks ago
^never say never! His reputation of being a defensive liability and not adding much offensively is preceding him. Really, it's becoming a matter of how long wil...
Brilliant from Suarez to quickly get back on side for the throw in. Now we have a game!
1 month ago
Valencia got their it will be an hour of bus parking..
Man, the fact that Leicester City is in the QF of the CL still blows my mind. Football be crazy.
Suarez was winning games single handedly for you guys and tied with Ronaldo for the Golden Boot. Coutinho's performances haven't been nearly THAT good. Suarez w...
If you're talking about Raul Garcia, he was my least favorite player on Atletico Madrid when he played for them a few seasons ago. He hasn't changed his ways at...
Funnily enough I doubt you can find a regular Barca user on here that became a fan in the last 9 years. Good try though. I'm sure Real Madrid's fanbase didn't i...
Lol anyone else remember the last time Barca finished 3rd? Me either. Don't know how we can be satisfied with something we're not familiar with :P
^Or Aguero, Diego Costa, even Drogba..
The feeling of pulling off an incredible win like this wouldn't be the same without people pointing out how we were lucky. We would be so salty if it was Real w...
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