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Congratulations! Gotta give props where it's due. Still crossing my fingers for a Barca vs Real CL final in the near future.
1 day ago
Ha f*ck your national team over. More like get f*cked by your national team. Not everyone gets a national team title handed to them I guess.
I think Liverpool will be the team to look out for next season. One good summer transfer window and they'll make a strong title run.
1 week ago
^This comment wins
^Luis Enrique's first season was a perfect example of that.
^Leaving Messi out of the squad entirely....What the hell was he thinking?
Still. Only five losses is pretty sweet on paper. It's strange how incredible the season has gone, yet the manner of those four losses is heart wrenching.
No ref can save a team from a performance like that.
2 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure we both know which one they're chasing.
^Isn't that what Arthur and Coutinho were bought for? Take Messi out of the starting XI and who is most capable of dictating the attack next season? Honestly, C...
Lucho was a fantastic coach in my opinion. I think his time at Barcelona prepared him for a large club like Arsenal. Although, eventually, he did succumb to the...
I don't see Eriksen coming here. I can only imagine the price Spurs will demand. After Dembele and Coutinho, it's time for some responsible spending. I am reall...
My condolences ScouserDan. I hope your grandma was a Pool fan and the squad brings home the silver on May 26th!
3 weeks ago
Ribery is 35 now and is nowhere near the level he was at 6-7 seasons ago. That Ribery destroyed defenses alongside Robben. He arguably should have won the Balon...
It's the luck that is required to win the competition. Bayern were the better team overall, but Real had moments of dominance that resulted in goals. Perhaps if...
If Barca beat Real next weekend, I will start to believe the "Invincibles" season will come into fruition. Despite winning 4-2, we could have easily lost today....
4 weeks ago
^You help make this site worth coming to.
1 month ago
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