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@Tomikato Busquets will do that to you ;)
He put in a string of a fantastic performances for Real last season during their injury crisis. He definitely surprised me.
Munir is farrrrr too young to take up the baton from MSN and be the super back up we would all love him to be. I still think he should have gone on loan with Sa...
I think Arsenalgirl was feeling fed up. I know I do and I'm not even that big of an Arsenal supporter..
1 week ago
@Tomikato He did win 5 trophies in 3 years, but the competition simply wasn't there for most of those trophies. Bayern crushed most of the opposition. In the PL...
He could replace Santi, but he could also be used on the wings (not his main position, but he has shown versatility) and he is young. Although you do have plent...
2 weeks ago
The only reason I can think of to get Gomes is for more competition with Sergi Roberto and Rafinha. He is only 22 so he's got 10 more years. Iniesta is about to...
3 weeks ago
If you are going to criticize Pep, at least go with something that makes sense? Pep is now one of the most experienced managers in the world. I would have gone ...
^That's because Lucho called on him to come play for that specific game. He wasn't with the 1st team 100% of the time. If he's practicing/spending time with Bus...
1 month ago
Like Aliko said, he won championship tournaments with the U19 and U20 national teams. Perhaps they overlooked his failure at club level, but he has shown succes...
There will never be a situation where everyone in Barca's midfield gets to play. I have a terrible feeling Rafinha and/or Turan are getting pushed out :/ trying...
You need a clairvoyant. I have no doubt that the squad has been improved, but I think the real factor is what Klopp can do over the course of an entire season a...
@SIF No he didn't, but he is 20 years old...and plays for the German national team. I am not surprised he didn't get playing time. But he's definitely shown eno...
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