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You didn't even watch the game did you?
7 months ago
You're joking right? Thanks to ronaldo's missed chances they only managed a draw and are now pretty much out
One thing I don't understand about Ronaldo. Why fall at a small touch when you aren't even in the box? Just run in and score lol
10 months ago
Madrid blaming the referee as usual
Amazing game
Neur did the exact same thing against Arsenal you idiot
If you don't think that Barca deserved a penalty against City then you're a biased moron
11 months ago
Stop talking nonsense. He intentionally raised his hand to his face = red card
12 months ago
Deserved red card
Uhm are you forgetting about 2008-2009 when Messi scored 38. Eto scored 36 and Henry scored 26?
1 year ago
Messi for argentina: 83 Apps - 37 goals Ronaldo for Portugal 109 Apps - 47 goals. And that is Messi playing poorly for Argentina supposedly. And don't give ...
Messi is 2 of those things actually if you had ever bothered to actually watch Argentina play. Not to mention he dominates spanish football more than Ronaldo do...
Ronaldo finally has a better year than Messi (When Messi gets injured coincidentally) and suddenly he's the greatest player to have ever lived haha, deluded muc...
So, so clueless. Do you even watch football?
Yeah must be terrible wondering which one is going to blast a fan in the face behind me
What and watch them miss spectacularly 95% of the time?
I don't think he was ever linked to Madrid...
Vilanova: "Cesc has received offers from other clubs. I talked with him and he told me he wants to stay. His dream is to triumph here" From the press conferenc...
Oh grow up. He can make his own decisions and clearly he was unhappy at the amount of playing time he was getting. Hating a player because he left the team is ...
Sky Italia have retracted their confirmation of the Thiago A. to Bayern deal apparently. I hope he goes to United, would like to see him play in the PL.
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