Glauchy (Chin Yun Lau) smiles even broader after a win over CFC
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hahahahahahaha. He removed himself after he ate the shite or he has been given shite?
6 years ago
You watched football and the highlight and you can't even remember Doni? EFFING SHAME ON YOU!
BIG QUESTION - why QPR's Derry got sent off when MU's player was in an offside position? The other SILLY QUESTION is - Isn't the above scenario the same as: Ro...
No teams deserves an awesome rating unless they at least scored decent goals (and not from 4 penalties from 2 games)?
Why are you backing Man Utd lost because of mistakes? If you make mistakes in games, that's not you 100%. They are professional footballers. They should be 100%...
Whether Suarez is a racist or not, it doesn't change the fact that LFC won yesterday's match, isn't it? So, lay down and enjoy the 2-1!
JCKane, you will not even celebrate Man Utd's 6th UCL trophy even in your next life - Fact!
Oooohhhhooooo. You forgot to mention about the 5 UCL Champions, Danialazmi!
LFC09 mentioned "English" as in language. How low can you be, 7ReDDeViL7? Oh, you mentioned a color in your name. You are racist then.
Point system on FA Cup? Man, you are living in your dream! LOL! Call yourself a Chelsea fan but you sure are a glory hunter!
Aaaahhh. A Manure fresh from the anus talking shits. Aren't football is a game of teamwork? Go back to your pussy badminton so you can always score, but I bet y...
Lostagent23 is as lost as its name. LOL! You should've name yourself Lostchicken instead.
Who was not in the starting team? Meireles had a collorbone injury. Suarez was playing until the 3rd quarter of the game. ;)
I accidentally clicked rubbish on it. So sorry for that. But that doesn't mean I mean it. Liverpool played the best football yesterday. YNWA!
Carra had conceded so many own goals in the past and yet, I never considered the opponents lucky. It is the performance of each players that matter. If Miquel d...
Can't swallow a the defeat? Man, this is football. Even Barca, Champion of Europe lost in some games. Don't be angered by Meireles' style. He's trying to cheer ...
Everyone who is saying Liverpool lucky should think twice. How can Liverpool be lucky when Frimpong's challenge can be given a straight red? When you receive a ...
Arsenal B Team or Arsenal AAA Team is not Liverpool's problem. Would you say because of Gooney injury, Man U lost to any other team? Unfairly? Look at your Goo...
I remember how some fans rant and asked him to leave Anfield. Reading what they wrote last time, I hope they are embarrassed.
7 years ago
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