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I'd take Keeper (Chech) sent off and pull back for a penalty kick at any day than just playing on! 1 man down is a bigger advantage for a team who dominated the...
6 years ago
What kind of bull sh** highlight is this!?! :@
"controversial decisions in the CL for the last 7 years" LOL damn right! s**t is more fixed and its getting too damn boring!!! Barcelona are a great team but...
You're paid to WIN not to lose mate that's why you can't be calm! ... and You're braggin about Liverpool winning the Carling Cup lool Thats the shittest cup...
Lol seems like it is a game of 'Who Can Score The Best Goal' competition
Regardless...! he brings all Joy, Excitement and Controversies in football. I'm a United fan, as much as i hate City, i have to admit how great and fun it is w...
I love Balotelli ! He makes things look so easy and when he does score, he acts like the terminator with no impressions.... "Job done boss, whats next"???
Messi VS Bayer Leverkusen. subtract messi from the equations 'probably' would equal game on for the Germans!
He's a gift to football!
7-1* mate
Yh, just done he's job well... so no bad right
Stop Dick Riding!!! That's too much man where's your pride? You're a Barca Fan and you lot a far better than them... Look how much it cost to build a team that ...
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